Phoenix Point Class Guide

In Phoenix Point, players have a vast array of customizability options which gives players a lot of freedom and scope in the customization in looks and overall playstyle of the characters and armies during tactical missions. There are many soldier classes to choose from, three are the initial classes and as you progress you will get all seven soldier classes to customize. Here we have a Phoenix Point Classes guide to walk you through the class skills and their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Phoenix Point Classes

At the beginning of the game, you will have access to three basic classes: Assault, Heavy and Sniper. But as you grow your army and get to the other three main factions you will get three more faction exclusive classes.

For that, you will have to recruit more soldiers from other factions so you can head over to our guide on how to recruit new soldiers in Phoenix Point.

All the soldiers of your army will have access to those seven classes of skills and you can spend those skill points to upgrade their stats.

Many of these skills are going to be very strong and you will see they are sometimes very crucial as well in the game so make sure that these are not neglected when you level up your soldiers.

Multi-class is another ability that you can give your soldiers when you level them up to level 4. It is quite an expensive process so be patient as this is gonna be a worthy one.

You can multi-class your sniper to an Assault and it is gonna give your sniper the ability of Dash and Return Fire plus all the sniper perks which is going to make a deadly combo and can deal with almost anything thrown at it.

Keep in mind that you can multi-class one unit of your army only once. Now we will give you a comprehensive overview of all the classes so that you can choose the best class combo for your units.

Assault Class
It is the starting class that will be available from the start, it is the basic skill class that all soldiers can easily possess and use to their best knowledge.

It is quite straightforward but also an all-round strong class. Keep in mind that it has the most powerful skills for multiclassing so do not underestimate this class at all.

It will get most of the perks very early like Dash at level 2 and Return Fire at level 3, and it will make the best multiclassing choice along with all 6 other classes.

Assault has 7 levels:

  • Level 1: Assault Training (Proficiency with Assault Rifles and Shotguns)
  • Level 2: Dash (Within half of the normal movement range you can move to a target position)
  • Level 3: Return Fire (If the soldier is using a direct-fire projectile weapon with proficiency, and the enemy is within half perception range you can shoot back at an enemy when it attacks)
  • Level 4: New Class (Choose a secondary class to train)
  • Level 5: Ready For Action (Reloading and Inventory actions do not cost Action Points)
  • Level 6: Rally The Troops (Each ally recovers 1 Action Point. But one use per turn)
  • Level 7: Rapid Clearance (Recover 2 Action Points for each enemy killed)
  • Best multi-classing option for Assault is Sniper.

Heavy Class
They are also in the starting class of the campaign and this class is more likely to get you and MVP in the beginning.

The starting weapon for the class is Hel II Heavy Cannon, which is the strongest weapon of the entire game even. They also have the jetpacks in their chest plates to move quickly.

Its levels are:

  • Level 1: Heavy Training (Proficiency with Heavy Weapons, Mounted Weapons, and Jet Pack)
  • Level 2: Brawler (Bash and Melee attacks deal 50% more damage)
  • Level 3: War Cry (All enemies within 10 tiles have their Action Points reduced to 2 for the next turn)
  • Level 4: New Class (Choose a secondary class to train in)
  • Level 5: Boom Blast (The Action Point cost of Grenades, and other explosive weapons, is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% until the end of the turn)
  • Level 6: Inspire (Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional Will Point)
  • Level 7: Rage Burst (Shoot with a proficient direct-fire projectile weapon, using all remaining ammo in the weapon’s magazine)
  • Best option of multi-classing with heavy class is Assault as it is made clear already how Assault is just the best.

Sniper Class
Another starting class with the greatest benefit of the powerful and most accurate weapon of the game, the sniper rifles.

They have access these sniper rifles from the beginning and this make them effective in long-range battle and they can inflict high damage even from long distances.

Its levels are:

  • Level 1: Sniper Training(Proficiency with Sniper Rifles and Handguns)
  • Level 2: Extreme Focus (Overwatch cost is reduced by 1 Action Point)
  • Level 3: Quick Aim(The Action Point cost of the next shot with a proficient weapon is reduced by 1, and the accuracy is increased by 25%)
  • Level 4: New Class(Choose a secondary class to train in)
  • Level 5: Master Marksman(Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 50% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles)
  • Level 6: Weak Spot(Disabling a body part also removes that body part’s armor)
  • Level 7: Mark For Death(Mark an enemy target. Until end of turn all damage to that target is increased by 50%)
  • The best multi-classing option for this class is also Assault class itself.

Technician Class (New Jericho)
This is the first specialist faction unit class that you will unlock. Its soldiers are essentially medics and perform mostly support tasks.

They have the fast use and field medic abilities which means they also have additional armor and can take more damage.

They also have the technician repair ability and they can give you mechanical help as well.

  • Level 1: Technician Training(Proficiency with PDWs, Robotic Arms, and Turret Deployment)
  • Level 2: Fast Use (The Action Point cost of Medkits, Stimpacks, and Robotic Arm abilities is reduced by 1)
  • Level 3: Manual Control(Take manual control of a turret or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target)
  • Level 4: New Class(Choose a secondary class to train in)
  • Level 5: Field Medic(Restore 10 Hit Points and 10 Armor to all body parts of the selected target. Disabled body parts are restored)
  • Level 6: Remote Deployment(Turrets can be thrown and deployed for 1 Action Point)
  • Level 7: Electric Reinforcement(All allies gain 20 temporary Armor for 1 turn)
  • The best multi-class for technician is also assault.

Infiltrator Class
This is a very cool class that you might think you will enjoy the most but you will have to give it lots of chances before you can actually start liking it.

It is based for stealth and scouting but it is not easy to get it to the right circumstances to get the best of the Infiltrator.

They are actually sneaky and can come up with the most damaging first shots so make use of this ability as much as you can.

  • Level 1: Infiltrator Training(Proficiency with Crossbows and Spider Drone deployment. Base line stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn’t revealed)
  • Level 2: Surprise Attack (Attacks from behind gain shock value equal to 3 times the damage dealt)
  • Level 3: Deploy Decoy(Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location. The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies)
  • Level 4: New Class(Choose a secondary class to train in)
  • Level 5: Spider Drone Pack(Deploy 3 Spider Drones with one action)
  • Level 6: Vanish(Move within 5 tiles and disappear from view for the next turn – or until spotted)
  • Level 7: Sneak Attack(Damage dealt while not spotted is increased by 100%)
  • The best multi-class for Infiltrator is going to be the Sniper class as they are stealthy they can make use of the sniper class and can take shots from the long range without being detected.

Berserker Class (Disciples of Anu)
This is by far the best class to me in the game so far, as they are focused towards the strength and are specialized in close-range combat and melee weaponry.

They can take this melee ability to a very high strength and can even kill enemies with one shot at the best.

You definitely need to unlock all the class specific skills for this class as it will make it quite powerful and you will definitely enjoy it.

  • Level 1: Berserker Training (Proficiency with Melee Weapons and Handguns)
  • Level 2: Armor Break (The next attack deals 50 additional Shred Damage)
  • Level 3: Close Quarters Evade (Attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage)
  • Level 4: New Class (Choose a secondary class to train in)
  • Level 5: Bloodlust (Damage and Speed are increased proportional to the health lost – up to double)
  • Level 6: Ignore Pain (Disabled body parts remain functional. Cannot Panic or be Mind Controlled)
  • Level 7: Adrenaline Rush (All abilities cost a maximum of 1 Action Point until the end of the turn, but you cannot use any abilities that need Will Points).
  • The best multi-class for the Berserker is also Assault.

Priest Class (Disciples of Anu)
Priest are focused mostly on the battles of Will points rather than Hit points, they are the result of biotechnological advancements and controlled mutations at the berserker and they also own very powerful Redeemer rifle which deals in high virus damage. They have the horrific Psychic scream abilities and can also control mind.

  • Level 1: Priest Training (Proficiency with Viral Weapons)
  • Level 2: Mind Control (Gain control of an enemy with WP cost equal to the enemy’s current WPs. Costs 2 WPs per turn to maintain control)
  • Level 3: Induce Panic (Cause a target to panic if its current Will Points are less than the Priest’s)
  • Level 4: New Class (Choose a secondary class to train in)
  • Level 5: Mind Sense (All organic enemies within 15 tiles are automatically revealed)
  • Level 6: Psychic Ward (Allies within 10 tiles are immune to Panic and Psychic Damage attacks)
  • Level 7: Mind Crush (Deal 100 damage to all enemy entities within 10 tiles)
  • The best multi-class for Priest is quite interesting as you can use it as a push and rush player, for which you can match it with Assault or you can use it as sneaky one and pair it with Sniper class.

This is all you need to know about all the Phoenix Point classes and their specific unique abilities and best uses.