Phoenix Point Builds Guide

Starting up Phoenix Point, players, such as yourself, will be wondering how exactly this whole ‘character customization’ thing works. It’s vastly different than character customization in other games, primarily because the definition of certain classes varies greatly from other games. To get a handle on all the various builds, classes, and other customizable traits, this Phoenix Point Builds guide will provide you with all the salient information.

Phoenix Point Builds

First, you need to understand the basics of character building. In Phoenix Point, there are a total of 7 different soldier classes. At the beginning of the game, however, you only have access to 3 classes: Assault, Heavy, and Sniper.

But each of the three main factions in Phoenix Point also has access to specialist classes, such as New Jericho’s Technician or the Disciples of Anu’s Berserker, each of which fulfils an entirely new role in your growing army.

Each soldier in your army has a total of 7 class skills. Of these 7, only 3 can be directly leveled up. They are:

  • Strength: Increases carrying capacity and HP.
  • Willpower: Can be used to acquire special abilities, and provide fortification against psychic attacks.
  • Speed: Ability to move further with existing action points.

As a soldier gains experience, they’ll level up and gain skill points which can be spent either to upgrade their three base stats (Strength, Willpower, and Speed) or to unlock new skills.

Each class has levels to them, beginning at Level 1 and going all the way up to Level 7. As you level up, your soldier becomes more and more powerful.

However, what’s really interesting is that, once you reach Level 4, your soldiers attain the ability to multi-class.

This means that one soldier can belong to two separate classes. This is a costly procedure, however, costing about 50 skill points to do so.

However, it’s worth it in the long run. It allows you to combine skills and proficiencies in order to create extremely versatile and powerful units you otherwise couldn’t use.

A soldier with skills from the sniper-class can now become proficient with skills from the Assault class.

The varying abilities coalescing allows you to create the ultimate soldier with a multitude of abilities that allow for a soldier ready for every possibility.

You cannot multi-class the same unit more than once, but the access to two different skillsets allows you to make some very powerful units indeed.

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 7 soldier classes. In this section of the guide, we’re going to go over each of those 7 classes, specifying their distinctions and what you gain by levelling each one of them up.

Furthermore, we’ll also elucidate the best multi-class options for each Soldier class.

To start with, we’ll go over the 3 classes that are available to you from the very beginning of the game.

Assault Class (Starting Class)
The Assault is the generic soldier class. It’s also the class with the most powerful skills for multi-classing, so you certainly shouldn’t underestimate it.

It specializes in Assault Weapons, naturally, which may not prove to be worth their weight. Sniper rifles and cannons are often the better choice.

You start the game with more Assaults than any other class, and that’ll likely be the case throughout. They’ll be the backbone of your squad, with other classes filling in specialist roles.

The Assault soldier class also has the benefit of attaining some of the best Abilities/Perks early on.

There are countless benefits to the Assault Class.

  • Level 1: Assault Training – Proficiency with Assault Rifles and Shotguns
  • Level 2: Dash – Move to a target position within half of the normal movement range
  • Level 3: Return Fire – Shoot back at an enemy when it attacks, provided the soldier is using a direct-fire projectile weapon with proficiency, and the enemy is within half perception range
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in
  • Level 5: Ready For Action – Reloading and Inventory actions do not cost any Action Points
  • Level 6: Rally The Troops – Each ally recovers 1 Action Point. Limited to one use per turn
  • Level 7: Rapid Clearance – Recover 2 Action Points for each enemy killed, until the end of the turn

When it comes to Class Skills, we recommend focusing entirely on Willpower, so that they can use Dash as often as possible and get the most from their mobility.

In reference to the best multi-class option, we would go with the Sniper-class.

Most of the Perks and stats in the Assault class are enough to get you through most situations, the Sniper-class is there to give you access to the Sniper Rifles, which are arguably the best weapons in the game.

Heavy Class (Starting Class)
The Heavy Class is the tank of the group. The one who can take and dish out punishment.

However, what separates this Tank from the rest of the ilk in other games is its mobility – with a jetpack in tow, this Heavy class Soldier is actually capable of maneuvering through the battlefield swiftly and deftly.

The Jet Pack built into the Heavy unit’s chestplate is also very useful for quickly initiating, escaping, or taking the high ground – though it does come at the cost of Action Points and Will Points at once.

In terms of abilities, the Heavy Class requires to be levelled up a bit more than the Assault class. However, it is worth it to level this class up, as the abilities you attain in Level 7 are absolutely game-breaking.

Rage Burst is an extremely costly power because it uses up your entire magazine – but there’s very little that can withstand the raw power of six Heavy Cannon shots back to back.

  • Level 1: Heavy Training – Proficiency with Heavy Weapons, Mounted Weapons, and Jet Pack.
  • Level 2: Brawler – Bash and Melee attacks deal 50% more damage.
  • Level 3: War Cry – All enemies within 10 tiles have their Action Points reduced to 2 for the next turn.
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in.
  • Level 5: Boom Blast – The Action Point cost of Grenades, and other explosive weapons, is reduced by 1 and their range is increased by 50% until the end of the turn.
  • Level 6: Inspire – Killing an enemy grants allies 1 additional Will Point.
  • Level 7: Rage Burst – Shoot with a proficient direct-fire projectile weapon, using all remaining ammo in the weapon’s magazine.

We recommend putting all your efforts into leveling up your Strength.

Kind of obvious seeing as the Heavy Soldier Class relies purely on strength.

With regards to the multi-class setup, your best bet is the Assault class.

You’ll want access to all those nifty Abilities and Perks you get from the Assault Class, while still having access to the immensely powerful Abilities available in the Heavy class.

Sniper Class (Starting Class)
As stated already, the Sniper Rifles are arguably some of the best weapons in the game, and having access to them right off the bat is a huge benefit.

Phoenix Point is a game that rewards high-damage single-shot weapons much more than burst weapons.

Having said all that, the Sniper class does have its fair share of problems. Long range, accurate, and hard hitting, but fragile and not particularly fast.

The Sniper class Soldiers function wonderfully when in certain, controlled situations.

Outside of them, the situations can prove themselves too volatile for the Sniper Class.

Although the Sniper Class has many useful abilities, such as Quick Aim and Weak Spot, it still leaves many openings.

You’ll definitely need to take on another class in order to compensate for any shortcomings.

  • Level 1: Sniper Training – Proficiency with Sniper Rifles and Handguns.
  • Level 2: Extreme Focus – Overwatch cost is reduced by 1 Action Point.
  • Level 3: Quick Aim – The Action Point cost of the next shot with a proficient weapon is reduced by 1, and the accuracy is increased by 25%.
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in.
  • Level 5: Master Marksman – Accuracy with a proficient weapon is increased by 50% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles.
  • Level 6: Weak Spot – Disabling a body part also removes that body part’s armor.
  • Level 7: Mark For Death – Mark an enemy target. Until end of turn all damage to that target is increased by 50%.

A Sniper class doesn’t have to focus on any of the 3 class skills.

Just take a balanced approach to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

Due to the versatility of the Sniper Class, it’s possible for you to pick almost any other class to multi-class and it will work out for you.

For our money, we choose the Assault Class for Abilities such as Dash, which will prove mighty useful for a Sniper.

The following Soldier Classes are unlocked later in Phoenix Point, and are not available to you from the start.

Technician Class (New Jericho)
The Technician is the first of the Specialist classes. This soldier is essentially your support/medic unit.

Its greatest strength is its automated turrets, which make for excellent cannon fodder.

Leveling up the Technician has the benefit of increasing the survivability chances of your whole Squad; definitely worth getting.

If you get the Technician up to level 7, that +20 temporary Armor to each ally can be a literal life-saver.

They have a multitude of unique abilities, all of which are capable of raising your chances of surviving the harsh realities of the battlefield.

  • Level 1: Technician Training – Proficiency with PDWs, Robotic Arms, and Turret Deployment.
  • Level 2: Fast Use – The Action Point cost of Medkits, Stimpacks, and Robotic Arm abilities is reduced by 1.
  • Level 3: Manual Control – Take manual control of a turret or vehicle weapon and shoot at a target.
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in.
  • Level 5: Field Medic – Restore 10 Hit Points and 10 Armor to all body parts of the selected target. Disabled body parts are restored.
  • Level 6: Remote Deployment (Turrets can be thrown and deployed for 1 Action Point.
  • Level 7: Electric Reinforcement – All allies gain 20 temporary Armor for 1 turn.

To aid the Technician, having greater Willpower wouldn’t be too bad, especially when it helps him in acquiring and buffing unique Abilities.

Now, as far as multi-classing goes, we’d recommend you go for the Assault Class.

Dash is just too useful in terms of running around healing up your squad, and always being in the right place at the right time.

Infiltrator Class (Synedrion)
It’s a class that centers on stealth and subterfuge. That sounds fun but it’s a lot more difficult than you’d expect. This class requires a lot of work, and finding situations where you can show off the class’s full potential can be more challenging than what it’s worth.

The best thing about the Infiltrator is the stealth factor. They’re naturally sneaky, and their true power comes with their first shot.

However, this is not a class that’ll prove to be useful from the get go. They also don’t have the best weapons; the Crossbows simply don’t hold a candle to Sniper or even Assault Rifles.

But in terms of what works, the Infiltrator Armor is sturdy and heavily beneficial.

  • Level 1: Infiltrator Training – Proficiency with Crossbows and Spider Drone deployment. Base line stealth factor is 25% as long as the character isn’t revealed.
  • Level 2: Surprise Attack – Attacks from behind gain shock value equal to 3 times the damage dealt.
  • Level 3: Deploy Decoy – Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location. The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies.
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in.
  • Level 5: Spider Drone Pack – Deploy 3 Spider Drones with one action.
  • Level 6: Vanish – Move within 5 tiles and disappear from view for the next turn – or until spotted.
  • Level 7: Sneak Attack – Damage dealt while not spotted is increased by 100%.

Strength is wasted on the Infiltrator Class, so how about spending all your Skill Points on Willpower and Speed instead? They’re likely to get you the benefits you so desire.

As far as multi-classing goes, there’s no better option than the Sniper Class.

Having a Sniper with the subtlety and stealth capabilities of an Infiltrator – there could not be a better match.

Berserker Class (Disciples of Anu)
Berserker is an aggressive melee class capable of dealing enormous damage, if they can actually survive getting to the front line.

This class puts all its stock in close-range combat and melee weaponry. This class has the potential to become something deadly: a soldier that is capable of killings its enemies in 1 hit!

All the class-specific skills of the Berserker are worth the trouble of obtaining. Armor Break and Bloodlust are great damage-dealers, while Close Quarters Evade increases your survivability.

The Berserker class also comes equipped with some truly useful equipment.

The biggest problem with the Berserker class is that… well, they’re essentially glass cannons.

They can deal out a lot of punishment, but aren’t sturdy enough to take a lot of damage themselves.

  • Level 1: Berserker Training – Proficiency with Melee Weapons and Handguns.
  • Level 2: Armor Break – The next attack deals 50 additional Shred Damage.
  • Level 3: Close Quarters Evade – Attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage.
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in.
  • Level 5: Bloodlust – Damage and Speed are increased proportionally to the health lost – up to double.
  • Level 6: Ignore Pain – Disabled body parts remain functional. Cannot Panic or be Mind Controlled.
  • Level 7: Adrenaline Rush – All abilities cost a maximum of 1 Action Point until the end of the turn, but you cannot use any abilities that need Will Points.

Seeing as the Berserker’s greatest flaw is its lack of health, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Strength (which has the benefit of increasing HP) is the way to success.

With regard to the multi-classing options, there’s no better option for the Berserker than the Heavy class.

The various Heavy-specific abilities come in full-force, and are capable of taking this beast of a class to even greater heights.

Priest Class (Disciples of Anu)
The Priest makes use of the same biotechnological advancements and controlled mutations as the Berserker, but arrives at completely different conclusions, with a soldier focused on battles of Will Points, rather than Hit Points.

The Priest has available to it two pieces of valuable equipment: the Redeemer rifle, which deals low health damage but high virus damage, stripping enemies of their Will Points; and the Screaming Head helmet, which grants the Priest access to the horrifying Pyschic Scream ability employed by Sirens and Terror Sentinels, further reducing the Will Points of enemies.

This is a powerful class with even more powerful Abilities that are just waiting to be unlocked.

  • Level 1: Priest Training – Proficiency with Viral Weapons.
  • Level 2: Mind Control – Gain control of an enemy with WP cost equal to the enemy’s current WPs. Costs 2 WPs per turn to maintain control.
  • Level 3: Induce Panic – Cause a target to panic if its current Will Points are less than the Priest’s.
  • Level 4: New Class – Choose a secondary class to train in.
  • Level 5: Mind Sense – All organic enemies within 15 tiles are automatically revealed.
  • Level 6: Psychic Ward – Allies within 10 tiles are immune to Panic and Psychic Damage attacks.
  • Level 7: Mind Crush – Deal 100 damage to all enemy entities within 10 tiles.

Seeing as this class is all about Willpower, does it really come as a shock to you that we recommend spending all available points on Willpower? No? We thought not.

Now multi-classing is a tricky thing for the Priest Class. You want a class that compliments not only the Priest’s abilities but also its weapons.

Both the Assault and Sniper classes do just that, so it really boils down to which one you personally prefer.

And that’s that. Everything you need to know about Soldier customization and builds in Phoenix Point.

Hopefully, you have a solid grasp on the various concepts and how they translate into the actual gameplay.