Phil Spencer Assures Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Will Work For All Games

One of the biggest marks against the Xbox One when it was first announced back in 2013 was that the console would not be able to use any backwards compatibility for games on the Xbox 360 that were still beloved. Now, Phil Spencer has assured Xbox gamers that Xbox Series X backwards compatibility will be available.

When the Xbox ONe was first announced, one of the man features it did not include was that backwards compatibility was not possible on the console. That wouldn’t come until 2015, when backwards compatibility returned to the console with surprising popularity.

Backwards compatibility has proven to be more popular than most people at both Microsoft and Sony thought. Several years after backwards compatibility first came to the Xbox One, it was expanded to allow original Xbox game to work as well, before the service evolved into Xbox Game Pass.

Spencer’s promise about Xbox Series X backwards compatibility mirrors a Sony promise that the Playstation 5 would be capable of backwards compatibility for many older Playstation games, but it depends on what games are available on which console to see which one is better in that regard.

We still don’t know the actual capabilities of either console, as neither one has had an official reveal event. While the Xbox Series X was actually unveiled at the Game Awards last year, we haven’t been told its capabilities and likely won’t know until something like E3.

Both consoles are expected to be released during the holidays of this year, so there isn’t much time for us to find out the capabilities of both of them. The Playstation 5 is rumored to have a reveal event sometime either this month or in March.

Either way, hopefully Phil Spencer’s statements about the Xbox Series X backwards compatibility turns out to be true and Xbox One players with favorite games will still be able to play them on the new console.