Phil Spencer ‘Thinks’ That Xbox Series X is More Powerful Than PS5

Phil Spencer claims that Xbox Series X is the most powerful console of its generation. Will Playstation 5 stand strong against its competition?

It’s been almost a week since the initial reveal of the next Xbox console and the air is already filled with expectations. Whether you like the looks of Xbox Series X or not, Microsoft is housing a “monster” within its shell. Xbox’s vice president goes as far as to say that their console will be the most powerful in the “war” to come, hinting that it will be better in terms of performance in contrast to Playstation 5.

It’s only natural for Microsoft to want to excel in terms of power for their next console. After all, Xbox One X was a powerhouse in its own generation. Although Playstation 4 did get all the spotlight, the hardware evolution gave Xbox the opportunity to access the possibilities and create a console worth investing in. Phil Spencer, vice president of Xbox recently talked to Gamespot, claiming that Xbox Series X will be the most powerful console, lighting the flames of the console war against Playstation 5:

Our goal has always been to build the most powerful console possible, and I think we were successful. We like to be the leader in terms of power and performance, and I believe that with Xbox Series X we will continue to be.

It’s still soon to say whether or not Spencer is right, it does however set the grounds for a great start for Microsoft. Since last year, the company paved the road for new more exclusives, a powerful new console as well as a series of services that have gamers coming back regardless of new releases. With Xbox Series X releasing late next year, the industry will see some serious competition against Playstation 5.

Why is Xbox Series X so powerful though? For starters, the console is supposed to be at least four times more powerful than Xbox One X. That alone, means we have a powerhouse that surpasses the previous generation’s most powerful console. In terms of hardware, the new Xbox houses a custom AMD Zen 2-based processor, clocked at 3.6GHz with 8 cores. In the graphical department, Xbox Series X features a custom AMD Navi-based graphics card with 12 teraflops computing power. 16GB memory will be there in total, as well as an NVMe solid-state drive with reading speeds possibly around 2GB/s.

For the time being, we only have one confirmed title for Xbox Series X, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. However, the backward compatibility will ensure that the console will get players hooked right from the start. Microsoft’s next console will release sometime next November-December. It might not be the only one though, as rumors for Xbox Lockhart, a budget diskless version are still in the picture.

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