Phil Spencer Talks Backwards Compatibility, DX12 For Xbox One and More

Since the release of Xbox One last year, it has struggled to hit that sweet 1080p resolution mark which everyone thought it would. Eventually it might, as devs get more comfortable and familiar with the new hardware. But for now, market is tough for the Xbox One.

Recently Microsoft revealed DX12 and some hoped that it will “dramatically” change graphics performance for their new console. Well it will, but not to the extent you might have thought.

DX12 will not magically improve hardware within the Xbox One but it will make life a bit easier for game developers and will help them develop a better game with less hassle.

In an interview, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer stated, that is inteed the case:

“On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by people if DX12 is gonna dramatically change the graphics capabilities of Xbox One and I said it wouldn’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12. DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12, but people ask me if it’s gonna be dramatic and I think I answered no at the time and I’ll say the same thing.”

A harsh truth is far better than a false promise which is sure to affect consumer trust in the long run. However, as the developers get a better understanding of the Xbox One things will surely improve but to what extent, remains to be seen.

One touted feature of the Xbox One has been the “power of the cloud.” But exactly how many titles are actually benefiting from this? Phil Spencer also revealed that 34 to 40 percent games to go live this holiday season will be using the cloud in some way.

He further stated that games like Halo 5 and Crackdown are among the list of titles benefiting from Microsoft’s cloud technology.

Every generation when new gaming hardware comes our way, one question is always brought up, What about backwards compatibility?

Sony’s answer to that question was Playstation Now but will Microsoft add backwards compatibility in any way? Spencer had this to say:

“…I get the question. I totally respect the question. There’s nothing I can say now, but I’ll just say “I hear you.” I definitely hear you and I’ll continue to try to work to build something that can help people out.”

Well atleast they hear us and know what the fans are asking for but for now hold on to your Xbox 360 and hope for Microsoft to reveal the good news.

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