Phil Spencer: Microsoft Game Studios Development Houses Will Be Collaborating To Develop Games, But Not At The Scale Of EA Or Ubisoft

It is nothing new that studios collaborate with one another to develop games and share their technologies. Ubisoft and EA are the most prominent examples, now Phil Spencer has also confirmed that Microsoft Game Studios development houses will be working together on certain projects, but not on the scale of Ubisoft.

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Speaking with Stevivor, Phil SPencer shared his thoughts on studios collaborating with each other to develop games and sharing new technologies. He also noted that Forza Horizon 3 is a great example of two studios collaborating.

With Forza Horizon III I think the great example we do have is the Turn 10 Team, which is in Redmond, Washington, and the Playground Team, which is in Leamington Spa in the UK. Turn 10 works on Forza Motorsport and Playground works on Forza Horizon, but they use a shared engine and pipeline. The technology advances that they make together, iteratively, as they launch each one of the franchises leads to a better product for both.

He further added that while their studio do collaborate, bu they are not at the point where thousands of developers work on a first party game, because they ship games on fewer platforms compared to other developers.

The idea that we would engage a thousand developers to go work on a first party game is probably not where we are. We probably choose things that we think are more linked to the platform work that we do. We want to make them big. Gears of War will be a huge game. Halo is a huge game. We’re doing really well with Forza Horizon. The idea that we’d have multiple studios pivot, I think, is probably more of a third-party thing just given the scale and the surface area that they ship into.

Do you think it is good that multiple developers work on a same game? Let us know in the comments.


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