Phil Spencer Is Excited For Half-Life Alyx Despite VR Exclusivity

Several days ago, Valve finally made another foray into the Half-Life canon with the unveiling of Half-Life Alyx, a virtual reality game that got divisive responses among the franchise’s playerbase for its VR exclusivity, despite it being a brand new Half-Life game, which people had been waiting for for years.

The game allows players to take on the viewpoint of Alyx Vance, a Resistance fighter and partner of Gordon Freeman, though the game takes place before he ever arrives in City 17 and focuses on Alyx fighting the Combine on her own, with the help of the player in their VR setup.

While players have expressed disappointment at Half-Life Alyx being VR exclusive, Phil Spencer of MIcrosoft has given praise to the game, as he was able to play a portion of it the previous summer. According to his own words, the game is amazing,

Spencer went on to say that while virtual reality isn’t that important to the Xbox Scarlett, that doesn’t mean that he can’t appreciate the games that are coming out on other platforms like it. The fact that Microsoft is also one of the largest PC platforms in the world is also a plus.

Half-Life Alyx may also turn out to be a system seller for many Half-Life fans and a way to get the flagging virtual reality market back up to speed, as many people buy systems in order to play Alyx and other VR games in the meantime.

Considering this is the first Half-Life game to come out in nearly 15 years, since Half-Life 2: Episode 2 came out in 2007, there’s a lot of pressure on Valve to make this good, even if it is only intended for people that have virtual reality sets.

Half-Life Alyx will be coming out in March of 2020 exclusively for virtual reality headsets, and will be available for $44.99 of your regional equivalent.