Phantom Dust’s Palace Stage is Looking Great in New Images

Microsoft has released some new screenshots from the Palace stage of Phantom Dust Reboot. Until now, we only saw some CG stuff from the developers and this is first time we are given a peek into the actual game.

Of course, the game looks way better than the original Xbox version. However, developers have paid special attention to lighting and shadows as you can see in the images below.

Still, it’s not a game that will define graphical quality for the Xbox One, but the game is still in development and we are likely to see more of improvements.

Speaking of development, Phantom Dust was in development at the DarkSide Game Studio. Microsoft recently cut all ties with the studio as it was shut down and with it, probably cancelling their take on the game. There’s no need to worry though, as the project is still in development.

Microsoft has revealed nothing other than that and we are yet to see how will the game differ now from what DarkSide had in mind. The company is planning to share more about Phantom Dust in the near future. Since E3 is pretty close, it seems like the event to share more about the classic game.

You can view the new screenshots from Phantom Dust below and share your views about the game along with the closure of DarkSide in the comments.


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