Over 1.5 Million Fans Sign Petition to Have Etika Buried at Youtube HQ

Fans of Desmond Amofah have started a petition to have Etika buried at Youtuber Headquarters in front of LA since it was his last wish.

Fans of Desmond Amofah started a petition recently on Change.org to have Etika buried at Youtube headquarters.

For those who don’t know, Desmond “Etika” Amofah known as Etika on Youtuber went missing on June 19 after uploading an emotional video. Afterward, on June 25, NYPD found Etika’s belongings on the Manhattan bridge and also confirmed that Etika committed suicide by drowning in the Manhattan East River.

A new video of Etika surfaced yesterday in which the Youtuber speaks of how he wants to buried in front of YouTube HQ when he dies. In the video below, Etika says that he wants to be buried right in front of Youtube Headquarter in LA and his tombstone to read “no  b**ch n*****”.

I want my tombstone to read no b**ch n*****, that’s all, don’t put my name on it. I want a silver coffin and at the f**king funeral the only song I want to be played, is Anime P***y… if you guys can remember that. Years from now when I pass away, you guys have an archive of my final desire. This is what I want, said Etika.

Remembering Etika’s request, fans started the petition and it has been signed by over 1.5 Million people at the moment.

The petition to bury Etika at Youtuber HQ is not the only one trending at the moment. There’s another petition by Etika fans asking Youtube to restore his primary account. The account had more than 130,000 subscribers when it was deactivated in October 2018 after the upload of pornography. The petition to restore Etika’s Youtube account is about to reach 400,000 signatures soon.

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikey that either of the requests mentioned in the aforementioned petitions will be met. However, the increasing number of signatures make it clear that the Youtuber was supported by many people. Since Erika’s death, many famous YouTubers have come forward giving tribute to the video game YouTuber including PewDiePie, James Charles and Keemstar.

If you or someone that you know is thinking about suicide or depression then do not swallow your problems but instead talk to someone about it.

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