Peter Moore: New Electronic Arts Game Will Come To The Nintendo Switch

Peter Moore, the vice president of of Microsoft’s Interactive Business division, has said that a new Electronic Arts game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch when the console releases. While there’s no indication of what the game will be, EA being another third-party developer for the console is a good sign.

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The Nintendo Switch has already gotten a number of third-party developers confirmed for developing games on it to help Nintendo sell more consoles, which was one of the main problems with the Nintendo Wii U. Other studios include Bethesda Softworks, Atlus, Autodesk, Activision, Arc System Works, THQ Nordic, and Sega.

With all of these different developers, a new Electronic Arts game is only going to be one of many games that will probably be coming for the Nintendo Switch that aren’t originally developed by Nintendo, even with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon slated to come out after the Switch releases.

The Nintendo Switch being worked with by third-party developers can allow the console to get a good number of other games that could help people that lack some of the other console players to branch out into the Switch, or get one for something other than playing Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or Zelda. Considering that Nintendo has had a good number of modest and big hits in the past few years, hopefully the Switch will end up grabbing a new number of players, especially given its portability.

Whatever the new Electronic Arts game is going to be about, hopefully it will be a good enough game to grab the attention of the players on the Nintendo Switch, especially since if a game is successful on the Switch then the third-party developers will stay on the console and help develop new games for it to capitalize on that success.