Pete Hines Refutes All Rumors Circulating Fallout 4

The past couple of months have seen overwhelming rumors related to Fallout 4, but nothing got substantiated. Finally, Vice President of Bethesda Softworks Pete Hines has decided to take on every rumor out there.

Speaking about a couple of alleged screenshots for Fallout 4 on Twitter, Hines stated that they even took down Survivor2299 fake site and that the studio does not comment on rumors and speculations.

We debunked even a site made to look like it was registered by us. We do not comment on rumors and speculation like this.

In response to another fan, Hines stated that people should not pay heed to rumors and should only believe information that comes from an official source.

You should ignore everything unless it comes from an official source/channel. As we’ve said, previously.

Furthermore, he stated that he has been dealing with these kinds of rumors for over 14 years and people do it intentionally to get a response out of developers. He just would not divulge anything!

At last, Hines stated that Todd Howard clearly mentioned that they are not ready to talk about their project just yet.

What’s going on is Todd Howard has stated that it will be a long time before they’re ready to talk about their next game.

I think, he is referring to a brief interview conducted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun earlier this year where he stated that any announcement related to Fallout 4 will not be here β€˜for a while.’

In related news, Bethesda Softworks has just said started accepting applications for volunteers to Play Test their Upcoming Game.

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