Pete Hines Grilled by Twitter Over Prey Trademark Issue

Bethesda often finds itself in the middle of a legal battle over trademarks. Back in 2012, the company took on Mojang over the use of the word “Scrolls” for Mojang’s card game. Now its 2017 and Bethesda is again facing a company over trademark and this time it’s Prey.

Prey is a common phrase and not many agree with the company trademarking a common word, not allowing others to use it for their products. The problem arose when a game called “Prey to the Gods” came to light courtesy of No Matter Studios. Meanwhile, Bethesda had plans to release its sci-fi action game “Prey.” The company is not allowing any business to use the word “Prey” for their product, advertising etc.

The community didn’t take kindly to this and grilled Pete Hines on Twitter. Fans pointed to a similar situation with CD Projekt RED when the company trademarked “Cyberpunk.” However, CD RED allowed others to use the term “Cyberpunk.”



There are a plethora of other Tweets accusing Zenimax and Bethesda of being too aggressive with their trademarks. The aggressive approach resulted on No Matter Studios renaming their as from Prey to the Gods” to Praey to the Gods.”

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