Pete Hines: Dishonored 2 is the “Biggest” Game We Have for Fall 2016

Bethesda released Doom earlier this year and the title was received well by both critics and fans. For the remainder of 2016, Bethesda has 2 other titles to offer – Dishonored 2 and Skyrim Remaster.

Out of those two, Bethesda says Dishonored is the biggest and most important project. Even though Skyrim is still loved by millions of fans and is expected to sell like hot cakes, Dishonored 2 is where the company’s vote of confidence is.

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Speaking to MCV, Pete Hines said:

With Dishonored 2 being the sequel to the game of the year, it is the biggest, most important thing we have.

He added:

Even though I think Skyrim is going to do tremendously well, I don’t think we need to spend a whole lot of time explaining what that is. But with Dishonored 2, we want to spend time highlighting the fact that it is not just the same game. We want to show that the team has been really ambitious.

Bethesda has faith in Dishonored 2 mainly due to the overwhelming reception of the original game. The 2012 release has given credibility to this franchise but still Bethesda does not expect it to move copies like Fallout 4.

On its own, Dishonored 2 is expected to be a success but there is still sometime before it touches Fallout or The Elder Scrolls like fan base.

In other news, the game’s playtime was discussed recently which gave us an estimate of around 16-20 hours depending on your play style and difficulty level.

The new Dishonored is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this November. Pre orders for the game are live across all platforms.

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