PES 2013 Tips and Tricks Guide – Dribbling, Passing, Shooting and Defending

PES 2013 is the finest Pro Evolution Soccer game of this generation. It brings full manual passing, improved graphics and gameplay mechanics that competitors can only vouch for.

If you feel the same and want to improve on what you do on the field, go through the tips and strategies on how to pull that dribbling-skill and that perfect pass to break-through the defenses of the most-skilled competitors in an online game or to win that championship medal.

We have everything covered in this guide. From perfect defending to shoot down low to make those last few seconds count in the game that you must win.

PES 2013 Dribbling Tips

You can watch the detailed tutorials of these tricks here.

Flick/Sombrero: The Flick is very useful to evade challenges that come just as you get on the ball. To perform a simple flick just press and hold the right stick as the ball comes to you.

To flick the ball over a defender push the left stick in the direction of the particular defender you want to flick the ball over the top of.

Double touch: A simple tap to the ball to push it in front of your other foot and then using that foot to push the ball forward and past the defender in front of you. To perform this, push right stick down/up, and push left stick forward.

Nutmeg/Paana: This trick makes the ball go through your opponent’s legs making you go past him and also making him look like a complete fool.

To execute this trick just hold the RT button when the defender is in front of you and then press the RB button to make the ball go through the defender’s legs. Do note that if you time this wrong there is a chance of losing the ball.

Run Around: Instead of using flashy tricks you can decide to just run around or over a defender with the ball still in your possession.

You will tap the ball in one direction past the defender and run in the other direction making your way back to the ball. Hold RT and then press RB and push the left stick in the desired direction.

Step On Slide: While stationary push the right stick up or down. It is a useful trick to give you an extra yard of space when trying to get your shot away.

Left Feint: If you are playing with a right-footed player, push and hold the right stick to the left and then push the left stick down.

Knock on: Double push your right stick in the direction you want to knock it to. Perfect for setting up long shots.

Close Control: Holding the LT makes your player take up the dribbling stance in which he can perform flashy tricks to leave his opponents behind. This stance is most effective when you are on the wings trying to cut into the penalty box.

Drag back turn: If you are playing with a right-footed player then while you are still, push and hold the right stick towards left, then push the left stick up.

Back heel Feint: While stationary, push the right stick in a quarter circle to the right followed by pushing the left stick down.

Inside Bounce: While stationary, push the right stick towards the left followed by pushing the left stick to the right.

Running Inside Bounce Into A Diagonal Take: While dribbling, push and hold the right stick to the left followed by pushing the left stick diagonally to the upper right or lower right.

Speed Burst: While stationary, hold RT and RB then push the left stick in the direction you want to speed burst in.

Flip Flap: If right footed and while dribbling push the right stick diagonally towards the bottom right followed by pushing the left stick diagonally towards the upper right. For reverse flip flap, do the opposite.

Marseille Turn: Rotate your right stick in a full circle.

Cross Over Turn: While dribbling, push the right stick down followed by pushing the left stick down too. Alternatively, just push them both up to do it in the opposite direction.

Rainbow Flick: While dribbling, Press the right stick twice.

PES 2013 Shooting Tips

Manual Shot: Manual shots give you the luxury of placing the ball exactly where you want it to go. To perform a manual shot, hold down the LT button and push the left stick in the direction where you want the ball to go and then push the shoot button.

Low Manual Shot: To execute a low manual shot you only have to press the through the ball button after the whole sequence. Remember to press through the ball button after the power bar has vanished. Otherwise you will blast the ball into the stands.

Controlled Shot: Hold RT and press the shoot button like the finesse shot in FIFA.

PES 2013 Passing Tips

Lob Passes: Simply press down on RT and then press B.

Manual Passing: Hold down the LT and an arrow will appear. Use the left stick to change the direction of the arrow and make the pass in the precise direction you want it to go.

One Two Passing: In previous PES games, you could only give the players the command of running forward after they gave a pass. In this year’s installment, you can tell them exactly where you want them to run after delivering a pass.

To do this execute the one two pass by holding down the LB and button and pressing the pass button. Immediately, after the ball is kicked push the right stick in the direction you want the sender of the pass to run in.

Short Corner: To call another player near you as you take the corner press LB.

PES 2013 Defending Tips

Tackle: To execute a tackle simply double tap the A button. Be warned; to tackle you have to fully commit yourself so a wrongly timed tackle may leave the attacker with a clear path to the goal.

Pressure: When opposition have the ball, hold RB and press A to force your defender to pressure incoming attacker.

PES 2013 First Touch Tips

Controlled First Touch: Probably, in a bid to make the game more realistic, a player’s first touch may desert them during critical moments. The ball may wobble around when the receiver is in a tight situation.

To alleviate this problem, hold R2/RT and point the Left Analog Stick towards the direction you desire when receiving the ball. This will help the player in trapping the ball properly.

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