Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 LAN Online Hamachi Guide

There has always been problems in Pro Evolution Soccer network games or rather the ability to play a game on network, becoming one of the major drawbacks in the series.

The good thing is that you can play PES 11 over Hamachi using PES Green. Follow this Guide to play PES 2011 Online with Hamachi.

Note. Other Hamachi versions may work but it is recommended that you use v1.0.3e which is also included in the archive.

PES 11 Hamachi Guide

Step 1
You need to download PES Green v1.03.

Step 2
Once you have extracted the archive, execute file named “pesgs1.0.3e” to launch the connector. A window like this will pop-up.

Step 3
Launch Hamachi and note your IP (Both Host and Client Hamachi IP’s should be known). First type ‘0″ to install the certificate.

Step 4
Once it says that the Certificate has been installed, Choose 2 if you want to be Client and Choose 1 if you want to be the host. Insert the IP’s when asked.

Step 5
After both the “Host” and “Client” have put their Hamachi IP’s, it will ask you to launch the game. Host should create the room first and then the Client should try to connect.

Note. Same theory applies for Tunngle also, we will test it and let you know.

If you face any problem playing the game on Hamachi, let us know and we will try to help you out.

Update. This method doesn’t work, sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused you. We will update the article as soon as we find the alternative way to play the game on Hamachi/Tunngle.

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