Persona 5 Strikers Dire Shadows Guide

Dire Shadows are a special enemy type players will encounter in Persona 5 Strikers. This guide will help you understand the concept of these Dire Shadows as well as list all the Dire shadows you’ll encounter in Persona 5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers Dire Shadows

Dire Shadows are strong enemies in Persona 5 Strikers that players can find early on in the game. The first of these dire shadows is encountered before you even finish Shibuya Jail.

As soon as you get near a Dire Shadow, Futaba will chime in and note that there is a seriously dangerous shadow ahead of you. So, make sure you are strong enough to take on these Dire Shadows before you try to fight them.

Luckily, these shadows do not attack you on sight. They will not chase you nor attack you themselves. You have to initiate combat yourself by attacking them first.

Your best bet to take on these shadows is after at least level 40. This clearly shows how badass they are in the game.

Dire Shadows are a great source of experience and they drop useful and rare items. Here are all the Dire Shadows you can find in dungeons, with a brief overview of their strengths and weaknesses.



Bugs is found in Bunkamachi near the entrance of the big plaza in Shibuya Jail. It is resistant to Psi and Nuke damage and weak to Lightning, Wind and Curse attacks. Bugs deals strong physical attacks as well as Psiodyne. To make matters worse, the arena you fight it in is narrow and makes the fight much trickier.

Raja Naga

Raja Naga is found in the Sendai Jail, at the very far end of the dead-end street just outside of the Rain Shrine. He drains Lightning and Wind, but is very weak to Fire, Ice and Bless.


Lilith is found in the northwest section of Sapporo Clocktower in the Sapporo jail. She can drain Fire, Ice, Lightning and wind and is weak to Psi, Nuke, Bless and Curse.


Nebiros is located a bit further from the first checkpoint of the Okinawa jail, a little to the east. It is strong against Bless and Curse but is weak to Fire, Electricity and Wind.


Yatagarasu is in the Mother Fox Shrine after you have completed the objective in the area in Kyoto jail. Since it is hard to retrace your steps in this jail, to get to the Mother Fox Shrine, from the Fox Couple Shrine checkpoint, head west through the Daughter Fox Shrine, and through the warp to the west of that to get to the Path of Fortune. On the Path of Fortune, there’s an altar with a swirly gate. Head through that to reach the Mother Fox Shrine.

Yatagarasu drains Lightning and Wind and is weak to Fire, Ice and Nuke damage.


Eligor can be found east from the Mt. Chashiro checkpoint in the Osaka jail. Eligor is strong against Fire, and Ice but is weak to Lightning, Bless and Curse. Eligor drops Roland Medal, which gives a +5 boost to all stats, making him an attractive target.


Mitra is in your path to the final boss of the Abyss jail, and you don’t need to go out of your way to find him. It is weak to Ice, Bless and Cruse and drains Psi and Nuke.


Archangel is the final Dire Shadow and is found next to the checkpoint at the Tree of Knowledge, just before you get to the Path of Surrender. He has strong physical attacks and is strong against Bless and Curse. He is, however, weak against Wind, Psi and Nuke.

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