Persona 5 Royal: New Partner Attacks, Outfits And Much More

Persona 5 Royal is not simply a remake of P5, it actually has plenty of changes from the original. From Partner attacks to much more, read them here.

Game developer Atlus announced “Persona 5 Royal”, a reimagining of Persona 5, earlier this year. Some of the details on what makes P5R different from Persona 5 have been shared by Atlus. However, this has been an agonizingly slow process. These details are released through a video series called “Morgana’s Report“. In these videos, Morgana describes new features, information which he has “stolen” from Atlus.

We already knew that new character and party member Kasumi Yoshizawa has an integral role in the story. Apart from this, an extra semester means late-game events will change, and new social scenes give more time with the party members. A new area called Kichijoji will also be available to wander around in. There are a lot of other major changes as well but we are only going to be focusing on some.

New Partner Attacks Are Ridiculous

PSR introduces partner attacks and they are wacky to say the least. Ann’s new character trailer showed us one between her and Morgana. Morgana flatters Ann by offering her flowers in a flower field. The trailer ends with Ann spraying her submachine guns at her enemies while Morgana tosses a bomb to finish them off.

Other partner attacks include one where Morgana transforms into bus form to ram into the enemy while Haru launches a grenade as she stands on the roof. Ryuji and Makoto where Makoto pummels the enemy with a thousand punches, a tribute to Fist of the North Star.

During the character trailer for Ryuji Sakamoto we see his hilarious partner attack with Yusuke. The two are in a restaurant. Yusuke masterfully prepares Ryuji a tasty beef bowl only to be interrupted by Orobas (the enemy in this case). Annoyed, the pair start firing away at the enemy. Ryuji then tosses a grenade which Yusuke blows up right in front of Orobas with a precision shot.

The Phantom Thieves’ Third Persona Evolution

Completing Confidant routes lets you unlock Persona evolutions. In Ryuji’s character trailer, we found out that the Phantom Thieves will have a third-tier evolution of their persona. His two personas Captain Kidd and Seiten Taisei fuse to create William Kidd. Ann’s third tier persona is Celestine, the original actress to play Carmen. Yusuke’s is Gorochiki, an earlier name for Goemon.


If Persona evolution follows the system that was introduced with evolutions in Persona 4 Golden then the way to unlock it would be like this. You’ll have to maintain contact with a party member after reaching a rank 10 link-up (required for the Second tier evolution) during the late game. Given that P5R will have a third semester, it seems like there will be room to do so.

Shiho Makes A Comeback

P5R promises new social events. You get a glimpse of how Ann’s best friend Shiho Suzui becomes a part of the game again. In P5, following the tragic events at Shujin Academy, she became a part of the background cast. In P5R, she hangs out with Ann, and Joker at the underground mall in fresh new outfits on January 4. This is fairly late in the game.

New Battle Theme “Take Over” For Preemptive Fights

P5R will change up the music from P5. Considering how amazing the music in P5 was, this will prove to be nice as well. Starting a fight through a preemptive ambush will cause a new battle theme called “Take Over” to play instead. Considering how Persona 5’s dungeon crawling called for a stealthy approach through Palaces and Mementos, you’ll often hear this theme.

“Colors Flying High” As The Main Theme

The new opening theme song was teased in the full reveal trailer for P5R. Atlus has now given us a name. It’s called “Colors Flying High” and with a new introductory animation, it takes the place of the original “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” opener. Singer Lyn Inaizumi (known as “Lyn”) is back as the lead vocalist. This just the tip of the iceberg; P5R is slated to feature 20 new songs.

Kasumi’s Persona Awakening Scene (And Possibly A New Palace)

In the character trailer for Kasumi, we saw her persona awakening scene. Persona awakening is when characters learn to rebel and how to use their Persona to fight in the Metaverse. This happens in what appears to be a performance hall or opera house. Since she is supposed to be a rhythmic gymnast, this makes sense. It’s an entirely new environment which could also be a new Palace.

Cinderella As A Persona

After that, Kasumi summons her persona, Cendrillon, after ripping off her mask and changing into her Metaverse outfit. Cendrillon is the French name for Cinderella, but also a four-part fairytale ballet opera.

Kasumi’s expertise is in Physical Attacks And Bless Elementals

Kasumi’s combat functionality has been a mystery. Now we know she focuses on physical attacks using a rapier-style sword. During spellcasting, she specializes in the Bless elemental (which also coincides with her Arcana).

“Beauty Is Devotion”

Kasumi’s all out attack in Persona 5 Royal takes P5’s tradition of stylish gameplay forward. After the team finishes up the enemy. Kasumi dances around with her gymnast’s ribbon wand. The screen then shift to her portrait with the quote “Beauty Is Devotion” if she initiated the all-out attack. This was revealed in her character trailer.

Joker’s Grappling Hook Can Be Used For Ambushes

Confidant route advances reward you with character development. But they are also lead to new abilities or buffs throughout the game. If you travel Kasumi’s Confidant path, you will apparently be able to use Joker’s grappling hook to ambush enemies in the Metaverse. This should help close the gap and sneak up on shadows much faster for preemptive attacks.

Gun Customization Is More Detailed

In P5, every character had a toy gun that turned into an actual gun in the Metaverse. This was useful against shadows whose weakness was guns. In P5R, firearms are upgradeable to improve accuracy or inflict status effects. Also, each party member’s ammo will replenish following each battle, making them even more useful.

Baton Pass Visuals And Buffs

The baton pass mechanic is about to be slightly changed. Subsequent baton passes will be indicated by a colored flame around the active party member–the first pass glows red, and the second glows yellow. Every baton pass will cause a damage buff as well, therefore it will be more integral to the combat.

Goro Akechi’s Character Will Be Fleshed Out

In the second episode of Morgana’s Report, Akechi’s involvement in the story was inquired about. Now it has been confirmed that he will have new scenes in Persona 5 Royal. This just tells us that his role will be further fleshed out.

You can Replay Scenes in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 has such a deep story. Persona 5 Royal is expanding on it, this means that the option to rewatch scenes in the “gallery function” is a wise decision.

New Casual Outfits

And to end things, new outfits for everyone. Persona 5 Royal has a screenshot of Haru in Akihabara in her new get-up. It was later confirmed that the whole squad gets new clothes in the real world for the winter.

This was a rundown of things that caught our eye, however, there are other changes as well. Keep following SegmentNext for more updates.