Persona 5 Listed for Nintendo Switch on BestBuy, Reveal Confirmed by Atlus

Rumors of Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch continue to come in as the game’s listing has now appeared on BestBuy. Twitter user MysticDistance has now shared an image which shows us a listing for P5 on Switch. Wario64 has now offered his own verification on the matter by saying that the shared image is real.

Persona 5 Nintendo Switch
Shared image of the Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch

Looking at the image, we can confirm that it relates to something Atlus has confirmed as Persona 5 “S” and revealed on its new website P5s.JP.

The website is live and is teasing new information to be shared on April 25. It only contains the date for the game’s reveal but there’s no mention of what the game is about or its platform. We can see “P5S” in the site’s URL, where “S” most likely is referring to Nintendo Switch.

Atlus recently announced a new PlayStation 4 roleplaying game Persona 5: The Royal which has its own site with “P5R” in the URL. Which almost confirms that the PlayStation 4 version of the game is separate from Nintendo Switch version of the game ‘P5S.

It’s possible since Nintendo and Atlus are already working together to bring Joker to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC character. Persona 5 was a critically acclaimed title, which only released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. With PS Vita already dead, the developer’s only way to bring it to the handheld market is with Nintendo’s hybrid console.

If you visit P5S.JP, it shows a text saying “1 more” which could be hinting at “one more platform”. And that’s pretty much what we have, and here is to hoping we get a Persona game by Atlus on Nintendo Switch, come April 25.

Previously, the Japanese developer was also seen questioning the fans about new platforms for the next game in the series “Persona 6”. It’s also not the first time that we have heard a rumor of Persona coming to Switch. As we reported last month, Persona 5 could launch this fall in 2019 with its confirmation coming sometime before May.

Considering the on-going relationship between the Atlus and Nintendo, it’s bound to happen sometime even if it’s not this month. Until then, we have Joker to play with on Nintendo Switch. Joker is expected to be a part of the upcoming update 3.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Source: Twitter

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