Persona 5 December Events And Activities Guide

Our Persona 5 December Events and Activities Guide will help you with all the events and activities in the month of December in Persona 5.

The month of December in Persona 5 is all about maxing out the skills and hanging out with friends. There will be exams and you will have to clear the final dungeon in this month.

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Persona 5 December Events And Activities

There is a strict schedule that is followed throughout Persona 5, so figuring out what is best to do at any given time is a bit tricky. That is why we are here, to help you with figuring out what to do at what time and date in persona 5.

The following path if followed correctly will allow you to maximize your social links, your social stats.

However, if you are already through some of the dates then this Persona 5 guide will help you give pointers on how to level up efficiently.

December 1
Hang out with Haru Okumura in the afternoon and choose conversation options A, any, any. In the evening, spend time with Munehisha Iwai for +2 Dexterity.

December 2
On this day in Persona 5, again hang out with Haru Okumura in the afternoon and choose conversation options any, A for friendship or B for romance. Read “Cinema Treasures” in the evening.

December 3
In the afternoon, clear Star Forneus for +2 Dexterity. In the evening, spend time with Hifumi Togo.

December 4
In the afternoon, head to Ichigaya to fish and you will gain random Dexterity. In the evening, buy all the available unpurchased book from Shinjuku Bookstore, then read Essence of Gaming.

December 5
Spend time with Haru Okumura in the afternoon. Read Essence of Batting in the evening.

December 6
Spend time with Haru Okumura at Tsukishima in the afternoon. In the evening, read “Playing the Game”.

December 7
Spend time with Futaba Sakura at Akihabara in the afternoon. Read Essence of Fishing in the evening for +3 Charm.

December 8
Spend time with Futaba Sakura at Asakusa Nakamise Street in the afternoon. Read “Wise Men’s Words” in the evening for +3 Courage.

December 9
Spend time with Yusuke at Meiji Jingumae in the afternoon. Read “Ghost Encounters” in the evening.

December 10
Play Punch Ouch for +2 Charm in the afternoon. Read “Buchiko Story” for +3 Kindness in the evening.

December 11
Play Punch Ouch for +2 Charm. In the evening, clear the Punch Ouch for +2 Charm.

December 12
Play Akataro Railway for +2 Kindness in the afternoon. In the evening, again play Akataro Railway for +2 Kindness.

December 13
In the afternoon, clear Akataro Railway for +2 Kindness. In the evening, play Blood Temple for +2 Courage.

December 14
In the afternoon, play Blood Temple for +2 Courage. In the evening, clear Blood Temple for +2 Courage.

December 15
Go to “Ship” Palace treasure and in the evening call Sadayo Kawakami then play a game any of your choice.

December 16
Complete the “Ship” Palace in the afternoon. In the evening, call Sadayo Kawakami and play Professional Golf for +2 Dexterity

December 17
Play game which is left to be played in the afternoon. In the evening, read the text from Yuki Mishima.

December 18
Follow-up of “Ship” Palace.

December 19
Study with the team. In the evening, call Kawakami and play Professional Golf for +2 Dexterity.

December 20
Exams. Answers are D, C, A, B respectively.

December 21
Exams. Answers are C, C.

December 22
Exams. Answers are D, B. In the afternoon, clear all the mission at this point to gain a trophy. In the evening, call Sadayo Kawakami and clear Professional Golf for +2 Dexterity.

December 23
Team meeting.

December 24
Final Dungeon. Before going there try and complete all the objectives. Also, you will get the bad ending by talking to Igor if you don’t reject his offer.

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