Persona 5 Mishima Confidant (Moon) Guide

Persona 5 Mishima and Yoshida Confidant Cooperation Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about ranking up with Sun and Moon

Founder of Phantom Aficionado Website and one of the very first characters we make friends within Persona 5 Royal, Yuuki Mishima belongs to Moon arcana. Persona 5 Mishima confidant plays a very important role in helping Phantom Thieves find and solve cases in Mementos.

An average-looking second-year student at Shujin High, Mishima was saved by Phantom Thieves from Kamoshida’s bullying. He looks shy and behaves nervously in the beginning but becomes more confident later on and an integral part of Phantom Thieves. Mishima’s confidant is one of the most important ones in Persona 5 Royal.

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How to unlock Mishima Confidant in Persona 5

Mishima’s confidant, Moon, begins automatically on 6th May (5/6). It is a part of main story and can’t be missed. You need to complete two side quests named “Beware the clingy ex-boyfriend” and “The bark and bite of a bully” in Mementos to start interacting with Mishima and further progress his rank to 3.

Maxing out Moon arcana will allow you to fuse Sandalphon in Persona 5 Royal. Mishima will also gift you Documentary Plans on 19th March (3/19) which allows the party to earn more exp points in New Game Plus.

Where to find Mishima and his availability

Mishima is available to meet in Shinjuku or Shibuya every night of the week. He will be available during the daytime too on rainy days.


Abilities to unlock at each rank

1Mishima’s SupportBackup members also earn Exp points.
3Mishima’s EnthusiasmMore Exp points from battles.
5Mishima’s DesperationBackup members earn Exp points.
7PhanboyEven more Exp points from defeating shadows.
MaxSalvation WishBackup party members earn same Exp as active party members.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Moon confidant Rank

Mishima belongs to Moon Arcana, so the best course of action is to always bring a persona from Moon Arcana before meeting him. This will allow you to earn bonus points towards Moon arcana confidant rank completion.

As a male confidant in Persona 5 Royal, you can’t romance Yuuki Mishima. Nevertheless, you can still advance his confidant rank for other bonuses.

Rank 2

For “We need the Phantom Thieves to be seen in the proper light if we want to make the name popular, right?

Reply with.

  • You have done good, kid. (+3)

For “It’s like I’ll be your strategic image management representative, so to speak.

Reply with.

  • Sounds cool. (+3)

For “At this point, I might as well pull an all-nighter fighting back.”

Reply with.

  • Nice hustle, image manager. (+2)

Rank 3

For “All thieves are supposed to have some special ladies, right?

Reply with.

  • Great idea. (+3)

For “Don’t spill the beans, okay?

Reply with either.

  • We are a part of the Phandom? (+2)
  • Let’s tell them the truth. (+2)

For “I was so busy with all the new forum posts, I didn’t have time to really vet them too much.”

Reply with.

  • It is not your fault. (+2)

For “It’s always better to hear that kinda stuff in person, right?

Reply with either.

  • Of course. (+2)
  • Really? (+2)
  • You’ll get it right next time. (+2)

Rank 4

For “Oh, and it’s just the two of us, so don’t be afraid to go all out. What do you wanna eat?

Reply with.

  • Steak sounds good. (+3)

For “But I guess our loving sponsors just wanted to show some support. Not bad for strategic management, huh?

Reply with.

  • You are amazing. (+2)

For “I guess it ended up being pretty good for our PR in the end, right?

Reply with either.

  • Yup. (+2)
  • You will get better ideas. (+2)

Rank 5

For “It cost me a lot of money.

Reply with.

  • Is it for me? (+3)

For “Some of the stuff up there is pretty scary so it seemed like I might need a little protection.

Reply with.

  • That’s a good idea. (+2)

For “I’m gonna do everything in my power, so you can just kick back and relax.”

Reply with.

  • All right. (+2)

Rank 6

For “This one’s massive.”

Reply with either.

  • Just tell me already. (+2)
  • You sure are fired up. (+2)

For “I hear a rumor that a famous idol fell into his clutches. You need to act, on behalf of her fans.

Reply with either.

  • Rumors are wrong all the time. (+2)
  • It’s none of your business. (+2)

For “After all, I’m the only reason you guys have gotten this far, right?

Reply with.

  • Actually. Nice job. (+2)

For “I need to make sure our next target is one we can win against.

Reply with.

  • You are so reliable. (+3)

For “So, we’re gonna purge them.

Reply with either.

  • Sounds pretty twisted. (+2)
  • You really need to chill. (+2)

Rank 7

For “I wonder if there’s really any way a pathetic guy like me can help you.”

Reply with.

  • Maybe the Phan-site? (+3)

For “It seems like enough evidence to make him a target, but I’m gonna look into this a little further, just to be safe.

Reply with either.

  • Kind of worrying. (+2)
  • It’s your time to shine. (+2)

Rank 8

For “Run.

Reply with.

  • I am not leaving. (+3)

For “Urgh.

Reply with either.

  • You are just gonna take that? (+2)
  • Believe in yourself. (+2)
  • They are the real losers. (+2)

For “My whole act would’ve broken down if they didn’t back off when they did. Hahaha. I really suck, huh?

Reply with either.

  • You were super cool. (+3)
  • Wait, that was all an act? (+3)

For “Oh! B-But I have the model gun I got for self-defense. And my security system’s top of the line. So I’m safe, right?

Reply with either.

  • You will be fine. (+2)
  • You’ve got this, man. (+2)

Rank 9

For “I wish I had known that going in. One slip of the tongue in that act I pulled, and I would’ve been dead.

Reply with.

  • You showed some real courage. (+3)

For “You heard what he said about me but do you really think some part of me’s changed?

Reply with.

  • The sparkle in your eyes. (+2)

Rank 10

For “So, I thought there had to be something I could do myself.

Reply with.

  • That was courageous. (+3)

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