Persona 5 April Events And Activities Guide

Persona 5 has a lot in store for the players during the month of April; prepare yourselves for a number of events. In this Persona 5 April Events And Activities guide, we will be showing you each and every event that will occur during the month of April so you can prepare prior to each one accordingly.

Manage your time and start leveling up!

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Persona 5 April Events And Activities

Before we start, take note of the following dates in Persona 5, as they are important and events of significant importance will take place on these dates.

Important Dates

  • April 12: – Investigate the slaves in Kamoshida Palace.
  • April 13: – Uncover the Kamoshida’s abuses in Kamoshida Palace.
  • April 15: – Steal Kamoshida’s heart.
  • April 17: – There will be a crafting tutorial on this day in Persona 5.
  • April 28: – This is the last day that you can reach the Treasure in Kamoshida Palace.
  • April 30: – This is the last day to steal the Kamoshida’s heart, after this you won’t get a chance.

April Events And Activities

There is a strict schedule that is followed throughout Persona 5, so figuring out what is best to do at any given time is a bit tricky. That is why we are here, to help you with figuring out what to do at what time and date in persona 5.

The following path if followed correctly will allow you to maximize your social links, your social stats. However, if you are already through some of the dates then this Persona 5 guide will help you give pointers on how to level up efficiently.

  • April 9: – On this date move into the Cafe Leblanc.
  • April 10: – Visit the Shujin High School.
  • April 11: – The School will begin on this day.
  • April 12: – Answer for the class question is B and investigate the Kamoshida Palace.
  • April 13: – Continue your investigation.
  • April 14: – Go and speak to Ann Takamaki.
  • April 15: – Time to infiltrate the Kamoshida’s Palace.
  • April 16: – Visit the clinic and speak to Tae Takemi, and don’t buy anything till this point.
  • April 17: – Go and visit the Untouchable and again don’t buy anything. In the evening Morgana will teach you to how to use the crafting table. This will provide you with +2 Proficiency.
  • April 18: – A number of activities await you on the 18th of April, from borrowing a book, to cleaning your room; nothing out of the ordinary.
    • Visit the library and borrow the Captain Kidd book.
    • Go to the underground walkway in Shibuya and read the brochure for the job and take the Convenience Store job.
    • Make your way to the underground mall and buy one Plant Nutrient.
    • Make your way to the  Second Hand Store in Yongenjaya and stock up with crafting materials.
    • Visit the clinic and speak with Takemi.
    • Clean your room in the evening.
  • April 19: – Class question B, spend time with Ryuji after school and choose the conversation option A. In the evening, use the plant Nutrients on the plant in your room this will grant you Kindness +2. Read the Captain Kid book at the counter in Leblanc, speaking with customers will result in them leaving, free up the seats.
  •  April 20: – Read the Captain Kid book while on the train this will grant you +3 Guts. After the school visit the library and exchange the Captain Kidd book for the Zorro book. Reach for the treasure room in Kamoshida’s Palace.
  • April 21: – On this day in Persona 5, write the calling card after the school. In the evening, craft items in your room. However, it is possible but it is not guaranteed that you will be granted Proficiency +3.
  • April 22: – Finish up with Kamoshida’s Palace and take Kamoshida’s heart.
  • April 23: – The answer for the class question is B. After the school, spend time with Ryuji. Choose option A for both first and second conversation. In the evening, spend time with Sojiro in Leblanc.
  • April 24: – Again visit the underground walkway in Shibuya and buy a juice from the juice stand, this will grant you +1 Charm. Watch the movie at the Shibuya Theater and this will grant you +3 Guts.
  • April 25: –
    • On this day in Persona 5, read the Zorro book while on the train which will grant you +3 Kindness.
    • The answer for calss questions is A and C in their respective order.
    • After the school, visit the libraray and exchange the Zorro book for the Carmen bookn then visit the clinic and spend time with Tae. This will grant you +1 Guts.
    • In the evening, visit the Yongenjaya Bathhouse and this will grant you +3 Charm
  • April 26: – After the school, make your way to the Shibuya Diner and order a Nostalgic Steak and you will receive +2 Knowledge and +1 Kindness in Persona 5. In the Evening, spend time with Sojiro in Leblanc, choose conversation options A, B, A and this will grant you +3 Kindness.
  • April 27: – The answer for class question is B and you will receive + Knowledge. In the afternoon, spend time with Ryuji but this will grant you nothing. In the evening, learn how to make coffee in Leblanc.
  • April 28: – Spend time with Ryuji in Persona 5 after the school and choose conversation option B, A. While in the evening, make your way to the bath house and you will receive +3 Charm.
  • April 29: – After the school go to Ogikubo with Ryuji and eat noodles and choose conversation option A. In the evening, make more coffee at Leblanc.
  • April 30: – On this day in Persona 5, while on the train, read the Carmen book. The answers for the class questions are B, B, and C respectively and you will receive +1 Knowledge. Visit Tae in the Clinic after the school and choose anything in the first two options, and C in the final one, which will grant you +1 Guts. In the evening, spend time with Sojiro in Leblanc and choose conversation options A, B.

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