Persona 4 Golden Shadow Chie Boss Guide

Persona 4 Golden Shadow Chie boss fight is the first proper dungeon boss encounter you will face in the game. The boss fight against Shadow Chie takes place in Yukiko’s Castle dungeon, on the second floor. You and Yosuke must be fully prepared for this battle before heading to the castle’s second floor.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know about the Shadow Chie boss fight in P4 Golden and help you recruit Chie after you have defeated the boss.

Shadow Chie’s skills

Before getting into a fight with Shadow Chie, you need to know about all her attacks so you can tackle them properly. You will get some hints about the game as it will still be in the initial phase.

The first attack that Shadow Chie can use in P4 Golden is Mazio. This attack will deal electric damage to your allies in Persona 4. Yosuke is weak against the electric attack, so you must work on that. If it hits Yosuke, Shadow Chie will get to make one more move that is not good for you in the battle.

Green Wall is the second attack that this boss can use. This wall protects Shadow Chie from your wind attack. In fact, your three wind attacks will deal less damage to the boss. After that, she can also use the Bottomless Jealousy attack that will deal physical damage to all your allies.

The last attack that shadow Chie will use in battle against you is Mabufu. This attack will deal ice damage to your allies in Persona 4. Now that you know about Shadow Chie’s skills, let’s discuss how you can defeat her in Persona 4.


How to defeat Shadow Chie in Persona 4 Golden

For dealing with Shadow Chie in P4 Golden, Yosuke will help you a lot. Shadow Chie is not that strong against the wind, and as Yosuke is specialized in the wind element, the fight will get easier for you. The thing you need to note here is Shadow Chie will not take much physical damage as she has the ability to resist it.

To tackle this ability of hers, you have to use Yu’s Zio. This will cover up your loss of physical attack damage. Not just that, if you use Yosuke’s Garu ability, you can knock out the boss at that time. This combo takes full advantage of the boss’s weakness against the wind. Yosuke and Yu get the chance to perform a major attack to take out a big chunk of Shadow Chie’s health.

Be careful about the “Green Wall” attack because that will also decrease the damage Shadow Chie takes from wind attacks. Your three wind attacks wouldn’t do much damage when he uses this ability.

Other than that, some hints can help you predict Shadow Chie’s next move, like the “Looks at Yosuke scornfully.” Once you see this written, you must tackle Mazio attack as she is about to use it.

This attack will deal electric damage to Yosuke. Yosuke is weak against electric attacks, so using Yu here is a better option as Yu is strong against electric attacks in Persona 4 Golden.

Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and continue to follow the strategy we use to take out a significant chunk of Shadow Chie’s health in P4 Golden. You will be able to defeat the boss quite easily in Persona 4.

Make Chie join your team

Once you have defeated the Shadow Chie, you will also get a chance to team up with Chie. But it will only happen if you don’t listen to Teddie and wake Chie to her Persona. Because only after doing that, when you again return to “Yukiko’s Castle,” Chie will join your team in Persona 4.

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