Persona 4 Golden New Kid in Town Walkthrough

New Kid in Town is the first proper mission of P4G after the intro. In this mission, you will be meeting up with your Uncle and Cousin and also taking part in your first battle. In this Persona 4 Golden New Kid in Town walkthrough, we have the complete rundown of the mission for you.

Persona 4 Golden New Kid in Town

After you start the game, choose your name, and then the Persona 4 Golden story will start. If you are new to the Persona franchise, this mission will serve as a good way to introduce you to some of the gameplay mechanics and features.

You will meet your Uncle and cousin for the first time during New Kid in Town mission. You will be spending the next year with them as you attend the school in the city.

April 12th to April 14th
April 12th is the first day of your school. Head to the school where you will meet new people and also make some new friends. You will also experience a few Pop Quizzes from time to time.

For the answers to these quizzes, check out our Classroom answers guide. Make sure you answer these questions right to be able to make a good first impression on everyone around you.

Continue with the story for the next few days.

April 15th
Return to TV world with Yosuke to do some exploring. Look out for 3x Medicine and a Golf club here. Move on and keep exploring until you reach Twisted Shopping District.

Here, two enemies will appear. This will be your first battle of the campaign. Defeat the two Slipping Hablerie and then enter Former Konishi Liquors to complete the mission.

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