How To Raise Knowledge Social Stat In Persona 4 Golden

Knowledge is one of the key social stats in Persona 4 Golden and this guide aims to explain how you can increase it in the game.

Knowledge is a social stat in Persona 4 Golden that will help you greatly in your school journey. Without max out knowledge stat, you cannot ace any exam in the game. Some social links are also related to knowledge stats. For beginning the social link Margaret and Naota, you will need Rank 3 and 5 Knowledge stat, respectively.

We have prepared this detailed guide to cover everything you need to know about Knowledge stat, how to raise it and the benefits of gaining knowledge in Persona 4 Golden.

How to raise Knowledge in Persona 4 Golden

Compared to other social qualities; kindness, understanding, courage and diligence, knowledge is by far the easiest to raise. A big chunk of Persona 4 involves taking part in exams and pop quizzes. As long as you answer these correctly, you will gain a nice boost to knowledge stat.

Besides exams in P4 Golden, you can do some other activities to boost the knowledge stat in the game. These activities include studying at the library, reading books, and answering questions. Each method of raising knowledge in P4 Golden has its own advantages so you can’t solely rely on just one way.

In order to farm knowledge points in the most efficient way, it is best to make use of all the methods to gain knowledge points in P4 Golden that we have mentioned below.


Studying is the best and fastest way of raising the knowledge stat in Persona 4. You can head to the library and study there to boost your knowledge social stat. You can study at your desk in the bedroom during the evening or afternoon to gain points to raise the stat.

There is also a tip you can use to boost the amount of knowledge points you gain by studying. For that, what you have to do is read a book called “Expert Study Methods.” After reading this, the Knowledge points you gain by studying will increase, and you can rank up knowledge stat quickly in Persona 4.

Moreover, you should focus more on studying during rainy days as you will get more points on rainy days. Finishing the Expert Study Methods and studying on a rainy day will help you get more points quickly.

Answering questions

A school is a place where you need this stat the most, and at the same time, the school can help you gain Knowledge points in Persona 4 Golden. The process of earning points at school includes giving answers to the questions asked by the teachers.

If you correctly answer all the questions asked in the class, you will get a boost in the Knowledge stat. If you want to know about all the correct answers, we have a guide for that as well; you can check that out.

Having lunch at the Aiya shop

Eating at the Aiya restaurant in the Central Shopping District is another way of getting some knowledge points. Make sure to order Ramen at the restaurant, it rewards you with some points, but for the cost of 3000 yen. It is recommended to visit Aiya during rainy days for some extra points. Although, the ideal way to spend your time on a rainy day is to study to gain bonus knowledge points but if you are bored you can eat Ramen instead.

Furthermore, whenever it is raining, keep an eye out for Aiya’s Rainy Day Mega Beef Bowl Challenge. While the challenge doesn’t reward you with Knowledge points, it is necessary to earn the Food Fighter achievement. You also need to visit Aiya at least 8 times to get The Ramen Way book which is needed for Compulsive Reader achievement.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to finish the challenge until you are ranked five in all five social qualities so the challenge is pretty much an endgame activity.

Reading books

Reading is another good method of boosting the Knowledge stat in Persona 4. But not all books will help you with that. It will help if you read the following books to gain points that will help you raise knowledge stat.

  • Expert Study Methods
  • The Divine Way
  • The Gentle Way
  • Who Am I?
  • The O-Cha Way
  • Guide to Pests
  • The Punk’s Way
  • The Ramen Way
  • Poly-land

One time slot is needed to read each chapter of these books, but you can boost the reading time significantly by completing the Hyperspeed Reader. This will double the reading speed, and you can read 2 chapters in the same time.

Knowledge ranks

Knowledge social stat has five ranks in Persona 4, and you will need certain points to achieve that rank which we will cover below, along with the rank name.

RankRequired Points
AwareBelow 29

If you reach the highest knowledge rank in the game, you can get rewards from Dojima and Nanako. This will also give you a chance to work as a part-time Translator in Persona 4.

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