Persona 4 Equipment Guide

There are four distinct equipment categories in Persona 4 Golden, and each category comprises several types of equipment that are...

Persona 4 Golden features many equipment items for each of its characters. There are four distinct equipment categories in Persona 4 Golden, and each category comprises several types of equipment that are available in it. Each of the equipment items in these categories will boost the basic stats of that particular character.

Our guide will comprehensively explain every basic piece of equipment involved in various categories, giving you a better idea of the weapon, accessory, etc.

Persona 4 equipment categories

Every character in Persona 4 can equip four different equipable items (except for Rise). Following is a brief description of each equipment category and the type of equipment that goes into it:


This category includes all your weapon choices in Persona 4 Golden. As the name suggests, you can use weapons to attack the Shadows and your other enemies.

There are several item choices in the weapon category. Some notable weapons are:

  • 5-iron: A sword-type weapon has 71 attack points.
  • Kintabi Gusoku: A shoe-type weapon having 125 attack points.
  • Duchess: Duchess is a fan-type weapon. It has an 80% hit rate.
  • Monkey Wrench: A knife-type weapon having a 90% hit rate and 30 attack points.

As for new weapons, you can acquire them by taking part in Side Quests. You can also buy them from the Central Shopping Centre at Daidara Metalworks. You can even sell the items you get through battles to purchase new weapons in Persona 4.


The second equipment category is Armor. This category includes all the Armor choices you can avail in Persona 4. Armors can be used to defend yourself against enemy attacks as they reduce the damage received. From the many armor selections in this category, some notable armors are:

  • Kevlar Vest: Has 58 defense points and a probability of 10% evasion.
  • Battle Camisole: A female armor with 84 points of defense and a 15% evasion possibility.
  • Gentleman’s Tux: A male armor, having 60 defense points and 24% evasion probability.

You can obtain new armor in the same way as you acquired weapons. That is, by completing Side Quests or buying them from Daidara.


The third item category in Persona 4 is Accessories, comprising all the accessories available in the game.

If you wish to give a special bonus to your characters, you will need to use accessories in Persona 4 Golden. Bonuses in Persona 4 Golden include evasion and stats, but you can’t equip more than one accessory to a character at a time.

Some notable accessories you may see in the accessories category are:

  • Amulet: This accessory increases endurance by 1. It costs 3000¥
  • Barbaric Bracers: An exclusive accessory packed in locked chests. It doubles the chance of dodging incoming attacks.
  • Revenge Ring: This accessory grants a chance of 10% countering a physical attack.

New accessories are acquired in the same fashion as weapons and armor. You can purchase them from Daidara Metalworks and by playing Side quests in the game.


The fourth and last category in the equipment section is Clothes. All types of items that you can wear are in this category.

Clothes decide your appearance in Persona 4 Golden. However, bear in mind that they add to the character’s appearance, and there is no growth in the character’s basic stats.

Some notable cloth types in the clothes category in Persona 4 are:

  • Yasogami School Uniform: It is specifically associated with the protagonist Yu Narukami.
  • Stripped Bikini: This one is Chie’s wearable. It costs around 24980.
  • Butler Clothing Set: This set is associated with males and costs 39,600.

How to get the ultimate equipment

If you want to obtain Ultimate Equipment items, including weapons, armor, etc., you must defeat the Reaper for each new ultimate item. The Reaper is a powerful foe, but you can beat him with the right battle strategy.

Finding the Reaper requires you to open 20 Treasure Chests. After which, you may battle with him and get your desired ultimate equipment by defeating him.

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