YouTuber Finds Permanent Fix To Nintendo Joy-Con Drifting Issue

It turns out that the long-running (and frustrating) Nintendo Joy-Con drifting issue can be permanently fixed and without the need of any technical knowledge.

Taking to YouTube earlier today, user VK uploaded a video to demonstrate (via NintendoLife) how he was able to salvage his drifting Joy-Con controllers once and for all, and will hence not have to purchase any replacements.

Start by opening the case of a Joy-Con and locate its analog stick. Now simply insert a small piece of paper or thin cardboard where the analog stick lies. The cushioning will increase pressure on the surrounding areas, which will allow the controller to realign and make its Joy-Con drifting issue disappear.

The best thing about the fix is that anyone with the right tools can do it. There is no need to either be tech-savvy or take the faulty controllers to a repair shop.

The YouTuber notes that his own Joy-Con controllers have been working fine for around two months now. That being said, the mounting pressure will eventually loosen with time as the paper or cardboard wears out. When that happens, users just have to renew the cushioning.

The drifting issue has plagued Joy-Con ever since the Nintendo Switch was launched. There have already been several lawsuits filed against Nintendo for knowingly selling faulty products and refusing to offer free repairs, the latter of which was actually addressed back then.

It seems rather bizarre that Nintendo was unable to find a permanent fix in all these years, provided that the aforementioned fix works. The video is already making rounds on the internet. Hence, expect many Nintendo Switch owners to come forth and confirm if they too were able to fix their Joy-Con drifting issues. If that comes to be the case, also expect backlash aimed towards Nintendo.

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