Perfect Dark Reboot Will Be Using Next-Gen Power To Fullest Extent

The Perfect Dark remake announced at the Game Awards will be making full-use of the power of next-gen in the game's development.

One of the bigger shocks that appeared at the Game Awards 2020 show last night was the reveal trailer for a Perfect Dark reboot. Along with the trailers, the game’s developers also gave an interview that included how they would be utilizing the power of next-gen to make the game even better.

Perfect Dark originally came out in 2000 on the Nintendo 64, before being re-released ten years later through a remaster onto the Xbox 360. A Rare game originally, the game still broke a great deal of new ground due to having a female protagonist, along with a large number of inventive gadgets and weapons.

The game is seen as one of the greatest video games of all time, and so Xbox studio The Initiative, who’s developing this time around, has a lot to live up to. The studio does, however, believe that while the original game was hampered due to being on the Nintendo 64, current game consoles give the Perfect Dark reboot a lot more potential.

The Initiative says that they’re intending to go into what it really means to be a spy, and that includes not having the game work in the same way as a normal first-person shooter. High mobility, gadgets, and a sense of physicality to the job are likely only a few of the ways the game will play differently from other shooters.

It’s likely that through the power of the Xbox Series X and other consoles, we can likely expect all new gadgets and weaponry, along with improvements on the old designs. While we don’t know exactly when the Perfect Dark reboot will come out, hopefully The Initiative can make a real masterpiece out of the whole thing and bring Perfect Dark back in a big way.

Either way, Rare, who developed the original Perfect Dark games, is very impressed with what they’ve seen of the Perfect Dark reboot so far, so it seems like The Initiative is doing good work.

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