People Calling in Sick to Work to Play Red Dead Redemption 2

The worker commune around the world was hampered heavily come Friday. What could that mean? Is there an epidemic sweeping the population? If you thought so, you’re not completely wrong. But the epidemic isn’t a plague of any sorts. No, in fact, it’s actually the release of Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2.

That’s right, people around the world have been calling in sick to work so they can get their hands on that authentic wild west experience immediately. The person reading this might be one of them actually, if so. What excuse did you use? I may need to borrow it as well!

Red Dead Redemption 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Rockstar’s critically successful western game, was released to the public yesterday on October 26th. As anticipated, the game met a tsunami of positive reception worldwide.

However, with the whopping file size of 99GB for the PS4, not everyone has, in fact, been able to play the game upon its release. On top of that

That’s why a lot of us have resorted to calling in sick with what I like to call the Red Dead fever.

Analysts reached this conclusion due to the influx of people calling in sick matching the number of people sharing the game on social media. Whether it be through their screenshots on twitter, their invitations on facebook or reviews on websites.

Red Dead Redemption 2, as expected, is the hot topic of the year at the moment. And for good reason, considering the critically successful reception from critics everywhere. The talk surrounding the new western title did in fact, also amount over other gaming giants like God of War and Spider-man. Specifically, mentions of the fresh release being over 14,000 per hour.

So are you down with the Red Dead fever? I know I am, hard to avoid it and even harder to get that sick day call in. I’d watch out if I were any of you.

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