John Cena’s Peacemaker Skin Rumored For Fortnite

Fortnite is said to be doing another crossover with The Suicide Squad which will make way for a Peacemaker skin in the coming months.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, known Fortnite leaker Shiina claimed that the same source who previously leaked the Bloodsport skin before its announcement also mentioned a Peacemaker skin alongside. Bloodsport was added to the battle royale game earlier in the month and hence, there stands a large likelihood that the proven source may as well be telling the truth about Peacemaker.

It should be noted that Peacemaker will be getting his own television series for HBO Max in January 2022. The series will take place after the events of the recent 2021 Suicide Squad movie and see actor John Cena reprise his role as director James Gunn explores the origins of the character who believes any cost is worth giving for peace.

Fortnite should hence receive the new Peacemaker skin, in the likeness of John Cena, around the same January 2022 release window to coincide with the television series. Peacemaker will be the second Suicide Squad member after Bloodsport to appear in the game. Harley Quinn, another member of The Suicide Squad, also has her own skin in the game but which was based on the original Suicide Squad mode from 2016.

Epic Games may possibly be considering more Suicide Squad skins when looking at the acclaim the 2021 Suicide Squad movie received. Fortnite itself has already received a number of skins from DC Comics for notable characters such as Batman, Aquaman, Catwoman, Green Arrow, the Joker and the Flash, and more recently, Superman.

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