How To Get True Connoisseur Achievement In Payday 3

During the Under the Surphaze heist, you can unlock a rare achievement in Payday 3 called True Connoisseur.

True Connoisseur in Payday 3 is a rare achievement you will get by completing a specific objective in Under the Surphaze heist. The fact that makes this achievement hard to achieve is that you will need to pull this off with at least 3 friends. Moreover, you must be playing Very Hard or above difficulty.

The main objective of this heist is to steal a painting by Shanda Latrell from the Gallery. Getting this achievement is difficult, but you can follow my guide to make things easier.

Steps to unlock the True Connoisseur achievement in Payday 3

Before you start, you should remember to do this heist in stealth mode. But after that, you can get aggressive. Also, don’t forget to play in the Very Hard Difficulty setting. To steal the Shanda Latrell painting, you must head to the ground floor in the E3 exhibition area. However, you can’t take the painting in Payday 3 and must do some stuff before you steal it.

1. Go to the Manager’s Room

The manager’s room is located on the top floor. You have to sneak in, and you will see 3 small statue figures on the table. These 3 small statues are replicas of the 7 bigger statues in the exhibition room. These will be random for players, so we can’t tell which one you should pick.

2. Steal 3 Statues Similar to the ones in the Manager’s Office

You have to remember the statues you see in the manager’s office. You must find these statues’ locations in the exhibition room and steal them all simultaneously to step towards the Payday 3 True Connoisseur achievement.

Make your 3 friends stand at each statue display in the exhibition room, and you must break the glass of all three. Next, signal your friends to steal the statues all at once. You can take the statues or leave them. It is all up to you.


3. Steal the Painting

Now, go back to the manager’s room in Payday 3 and look for the red button between two paintings on the wall. Do not press it yet. Tell your friend to stand close to the spot of the Payday 3 Shanda Latrell painting.

When you press the button, the security lasers will be enabled, and your friend can immediately steal the painting and get away. Secure the painting in the van; otherwise, you will not achieve the Payday 3 True Connoisseur achievement.

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