How To Defeat Shields In Payday 3

In Payday 3, to bring Hovac in enemy lines, you need to take out Shields.

Shields in Payday 3 are one of the many opponents you will face while trying to fill your pockets with someone else’s hard-earned money. They are average SWAT members with a ballistic shield in front of their faces.

Shields can not only protect themselves but also cover their teammates. Stabbing them in their back is also not an option because their quick maneuvers allow them to take a 180 spin pretty instantly. It is time to shake the brain bush and see what falls out. If nothing does, follow the guide, and I will help you through everything.

How to kill Shields in Payday 3

You cannot remove the shield unless the person behind it falls, and getting to them through it is nearly impossible. That is why we must find ways to either get the shield out of the way in Payday 3 or find a weakness and break through it. Let’s find out how.

Boom Attack

It might sound not very clear, but let me explain. Shooting bullets straight at the shield is not going to do anything. It would be best to get the Shield out of the way and hit the person behind it. What you can do is use explosives.

Any grenade or explosive will make them stagger, and a small window will open up during which the shield will not be in front of them. You can exploit this opportunity and unload every last bullet into the body of the person holding the shield.

If your shots land correctly in Payday 3, it should take the shield down in one go. If that doesn’t happen, throw another bomb and repeat the process.


You can pair up with your ally, where you will throw the bomb, and your teammate will be waiting with their gun out to put the shield to bed, once and for all. You can play solo if you want to, which is also very doable.

Thread The Bullet

There is another way to kill a shield, but that requires a more precise approach. Like you thread a needle, there is a glass window through which the person can see ahead to themselves present on the riot shield. Conveniently, that is also the only weak spot.

Damage it enough, and you should be able to break it, and all of your shots will now directly hit the face of the person standing behind the shield. You will need a precise weapon for this endeavor, such as an assault or a marksman rifle in Payday 3.

The choice remains yours because you need to be able to handle the recoil and land your shots at the same speed to break the glass.

Double Trouble

This is the least preferable technique as this is a hit-and-trial. You will need at least two people to execute this. One will serve as the decoy, and the other will try to get behind the Shield in Payday 3 and rain bullets like hellfire.

If the shield notices you and turns around towards you, the decoy will act as the attacker and take him down. Either way, it is a win-win for you.

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