Payday 3 Rock The Cradle, Fix Invitation To Bouncer Bug

During the Rock the Cradle Heist, you are facing a bug if you can't show the invitation to the bouncer in Payday 3.

One of the Heists, Rock the Cradle, involves going inside the nightclub known as Neon Cradle and infiltrating it, which ends as a Heist. Many players have encountered a bug in the middle of the Payday 3 Heist Rock the Cradle in which they cannot show the invitation to the Bouncer.

That hinders the mission, causing an abrupt halt from where you cannot progress. In this guide, I will explain that bug, where it happens, and how to fix it.

How to fix can’t show Invitation to Bouncer Bug in Payday 3

The bug occurs when you advance towards the Bouncer and want to extend the invitation to him. You can’t show the invitation to the Bouncer, and it disappears.

You cannot find it anymore. This is the bug that inevitably kills the progress of your mission. You will then only be able to access the VIP area entrance if you Mask up. Developers have acknowledged this bug, and it will patched in the future.

If you restart Payday 3 at this point, the seed will not be terminated and will be kept, making the bug prevalent at any number of times you restart it. To fix the Rock The Cradle Can’t Show invitation to bouncer bug, exit Payday 3 and restart it. This will terminate the bug, and you can show the invitation to the Bouncer.

This will allow you to show your invitation to the Bouncer successfully. Unfortunately, this is the only fix, and no other exists. You cannot opt for a VIP invitation to get the Payday 3 Party Crasher Tropher. The Trophy requires you to complete the Rock the Cradle heist without having the VIP invitation in Stealth. The difficulty requisite is Hard difficulty, and the difficulties above are Hard.


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