How To Remove Mask (Unmask) In Payday 3

What will happen if you remove your mask in Payday 3?

While progressing through the Heists, you can mask up anytime, but removing Mask in Payday 3 is different. Many players are curious about how to remove masks during heist as well. You don’t have to worry, as I will clarify your confusion and answer whether you can Unmask in Payday 3.

Can you remove your mask in Payday 3?

The mask is one of the unique elements of heists. Payday 3 gives you access to various vibrant Masks that you can equip with outfits that suit your preferences. The Purpose of the mask is to hide your identity. Since the previous titles, Mask has played a significant role in Payday games.

You can equip the mask at any time; however, it cannot be removed once it has been put on. There is no option to remove a mask in Payday 3 once you have put it on. After you have put on the mask, you have to complete the remainder of the mission with the mask equipped, so make sure to plan your mask up accordingly in Payday 3.

The procedure to remove the mask is speculative in the future. The Developers might give players the option to unmask, or they might not.

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