How To Run Payday 3 On Low-End PCs

Running Payday 3 smoothly on a Low end PC is possible

Running Payday 3 on low-end PCs is hard as the game is quite advanced in graphics and mechanics. If you try to run it on a low-end PC, you will face a lot of lag and shitty FPS. This is because developers have not prioritized running this game on Low-End PCs.

You must put the game in the lowest possible setting to run smoothly. Depending on your PC, you can also bump up the settings below depending on how much your PC can handle. But you can run Payday 3 on Low-End PCs.

Best Payday 3 Settings for Low-End PCs

You must change some graphic settings to run Payday 3 on a PC with low processing power. After changing the graphic settings, the game requires less processing power and is easy for your PC to run.

Here, it would be best if you made a tough decision on one thing to compromise: the graphics or the smoothness of the game. If you want to opt for the smoothness of the game, you need to change the things mentioned in the table below:

Setting NameConfiguration
Window ModeFullscreen
ResolutionStandard (1920 x 1080)
Framerate LimitUnlimited
Field of View75
Motion BlurOn/Off
Depth of FieldOn/Off
View DistanceLow
Post ProcessingLow

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