Payday 3: No Rest For The Wicked – Executive’s Deposit Box Location

Who doesn’t like extra cash?

In the No Rest for the Wicked heist in Payday 3, there is an optional mission that entails securing the content of the Executive’s Deposit Box for some extra cash reward.

This is a great introduction to the gameplay loop of Payday 3 and an excellent way to hone your skills for future, more challenging missions. That being said, No Rest for the Wicked is by no means a walk in the park.

You can approach this in one of two ways, gun blazing and loud, or stealth. Although we strongly recommend stealth as it is more rewarding, this guide will include directions for both loud and stealth. 

Where to find the Executive’s Deposit Box in No Rest For the Wicked?

The important thing to know beforehand is that you will not start the heist with the optional objective of finding the Executive’s Deposit Box. You need to search some papers in the Manager’s Office during No Rest for the Wicked to unlock the objective.

The Manager’s Office is located on the first floor. You can reach there either in Loud or in Stealth knowing that each approach will affect how you open the vault later on.

Stealth method
In stealth mode, you can sneak through the windows to avoid the guards and infiltrate the Manager’s Office. Upon searching the papers, you will get the objective officially showing up on your game screen.


Your next step is to break into the vault but it’s nice to narrow down your search for the deposit box to save time. Head to the office on the second floor which will be full of civilians and employees.

Tie all of them up quickly and scan the papers. The Executive’s deposit box will now be highlighted in the vault.

To access the vault, drag one of the employees to the computer; they will enter the vault code into the computer. This will allow you to enter the vault without tripping off the alarm.

Loud method
The following steps apply in the loud approach as well except for the step where you have to infiltrate the vault. The alarms will be sounding in the loud approach and you will be on a clock so scanning the files to get the exact location of the executive’s deposit box in the vault is vital.

Accessing the vault

In stealth mode, you will have to drag one of the employees towards his computer so that he can enter the vault code to allow you access.

In loud mode, the alarms will be off and you will be on a clock; you will have to cut through the vault using thermite.

The deposit box will have some blue files and extra cash inside it; sweep all of it and make your escape from the parking lot or through the back alley. Avoid leaving your fingerprints anywhere on the mission premises.

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