How To Defeat Naders In Payday 3

The Naders in Payday 3 are wearing their death around the waist.

Naders are a new type of enemy introduced in Payday 3 with the ability of area control by throwing grenades. These grenades will range from toxic gas to tear gas. They occasional flashbangs in your way, disabling your sprints and reducing your health to immobilize you completely.

Payday 3 has caused quite a stir with the new and improved gameplay mechanics and the wide range of enemy law enforcement, such as the Nader, that will come your way during your heist. Getting in their line of sight can get pretty dirty. Follow my guide to deal with the Naders and neutralize them more effectively.

How to Kill Naders in Payday 3

If you’ve been playing Payday 3, you’ll have met the Naders by now and found them quite annoying. The reason is a waste of ammunition due to the heavy layering of armor around them and their holstered belt of explosive equipment that they throw in your territory.

Since bullets won’t cut it, what we recommend to kill the Naders lies right below their waist, the belt. If a Nader comes into your sight, shoot its belt that stores a variety of grenades as it causes a massive explosion that kills the Payday 3 Nader and the other law enforcement in the vicinity.

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