Payday 3: Gold & Sharke Elevator Access Guide

Using the elevator makes the final objective of the heist a breeze.

You will notice a locked elevator when you enter the vault during the Gold and Sharke heist in Payday 3. Gaining access to this elevator will give you a shortcut to the parking lot through an underground hatch.

You would normally take the bags of cash from the vault to the parking lot through a lot of security guards and civilians. Using the elevator, though, solves that problem and saves you a ton of time as well.

However, opening the elevator in Gold and Sharke is tricky. Here is how you can use the elevator in Payday 3.

How to use the Gold and Sharke elevator in Payday 3

The only way to open and use the elevator in Gold and Sharke is to have the “elevator access favor” in Payday 3.

Before your heist starts, you and your team are given a few minutes to select load-outs and choose which unique favors to use during the heist.

The favors can range from health packs to ammo with some unique ones such as the Gold and Sharke Elevator Access Favor.


How to get the Elevator Access favor in Gold and Sharke

The Elevator Access favor is a random drop compared to other favors that can be bought from the vendor on the main menu.

You and your team members can only get access to the Gold and Sharke Elevator access favor by simply completing heists, however., there is no certainty that you’ll attain one.

If you somehow manage to find one, try using it in the stealth approach as it provides a quick shortcut from the vault directly to the parked van through a small corridor.

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