Payday 3 Expected To Release Sometime In 2022 Or 2023

According to Starbreeze Studios, Payday 3 will be available sometime in 2022 or 2023. The company expects to have new distribution agreements by 2020.

Starbreeze Studios announced with hype in 2017 that it had already started the production of Payday 3. However, the studio has had problems since the beginning of this year, which unfortunately resulted in dismissals and a restructuring that has jeopardized the future of the studio.

Despite the above, the company continues to work on some of its most important projects. Of course, one of them is Payday 3. At the same time, Starbreeze Studios struggles to recover and survive, which makes full-time development complicated. The good news is that Payday 3 is still standing, but apparently we will have to wait a long time to play it.

According to Starbreeze Studios, Payday 3 will be available sometime in 2022 or 2023. The company expects to have new distribution agreements by 2020, which will help it improve its situation a lot. Thus, it projects a better balance for 2022. From this perspective, Payday 3 will play a fundamental role in the future of the company.

As we told you, the restructuring process is complicated and not yet over. Starbreeze Studios revealed that part of its staff was transferred to 2 new companies called New Starbreeze Publishing AB and New Starbreeze Studios AB. The rights to their intellectual property and assets are now part of Starbreeze Publishing AB.

Company managers have a short-term reconstruction plan in mind. We hope that everything goes as planned and that Payday 3 becomes a reality even if it takes a few years. One of the most recent releases of the studio and the franchise was Payday 2 for Nintendo Switch.

In other news, Payday 2 is recognized for its frantic gameplay because it is a shooting and robbery game. But how well do you think this franchise would work in another genre, such as a graphic novel? Well, even if you don’t believe it, you can try it.

Through a publication on Steam, Overkill Software announced the great discounts that different versions of Payday have during the Summer Sale, which reached up to 75%. The developer also took advantage of the post to mention that they wanted to do something for those who already had Payday and would like to experience something new. Thus, Payday 2: The Text Adventure was revealed.

Payday 2: The Text Adventure is a small title that you can play from the web and tells a story that takes place during the planning stages of a robbery. Being a novel, you will have to read how events unfold and make decisions, which will affect your progress and lead to different endings.

That’s not all. In addition to allowing you to play Payday in a different way, this experience also offers some masks packages so you can use them in the main titles according to certain decisions you make. In this way, Overkill looks for users to replay it several times, following different paths each time. You can play Payday 2: The Text Adventure at this link.

I remind you that Payday 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and more platforms. We will keep you informed about the future of the company and its projects.

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