How To Unlock Dirty Ice Vault In Payday 3

Unlocking the Vault during the Dirty Ice mission in Payday 3 is not easy if you don't know how to do it.

During the Dirty Ice mission, you can find the Payday 3 vault and unlock it to steal the riches inside the Ashton Fine Jewelry Shop. This mission may seem difficult initially as it is a two-person operation. If you are not too careful, you will get caught easily, decreasing your chances of successfully unlocking the Vault.

If you figure out the clues inside the Manager’s office, it will get easier to unlock the Dirty Ice Vault. However, it is integral that you get the keycard (Red) beforehand from the basement area to open the Vault. I have covered all the steps if you can’t unlock the Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault location

To find the Vault in Payday 3, you must gain access to the back side of the Ashton Fine Shop. You will find a single security guard standing in the alley behind the shop. As soon as he leaves, lockpick the door to enter that place. You can also sneak behind him and pickpocket the Blue Keycard from him.

Then you can tail him and after you pass the truck and the wooden boxes you will find a mobile phone on the ground next to a car. Press the F key to search the phone. The phone will have a QR code, which you can access to unlock the door. You can simply scan the QR code to unlock the door and enter.

Once inside, you will find the Manager’s Room on the left side, and the Vault door will be adjacent to it on the right side in Payday 3. You can unlock the Manager’s room, but you will need the keycard reader to access the Vault door.

Now that you have determined both, you can head outside using the same back door and plan on unlocking the Dirty Ice Vault to complete this mission.


How to open Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3

To open the Dirty Ice Vault, you will need to complete the following steps. This way, you can quickly complete the mission in Payday 3.

1. Acquiring the Red Keycard

If you want to open the Vault in Payday 3, you will require a Red Card Keycard. If you are going solo, then you should use stealth. You must use the pickpocket skill to steal it from a security guard monitoring that area.

Similarly, you can use another way to get the Red Keycard, but it will be in the basement area. However, you will need a code to open the door leading there.

To get that code, you must sneak past the back entrance and lockpick the door to get inside the manager’s office in Payday 3. Check her computer, and there you will find a hint that the keycode is the same number as the ID number for the employee of the month.

Now, you can return to where you came and re-enter the Ashton Fine Shop from the front side. Inside, you will discover the Employee of the Month photo and his ID number (e.g., randomized no, which in our case was 7351).

With this intel, you can head towards the back side and take the staircase on the right side of the truck. You can enter this Basement code to unlock the door in Payday 3. Once you enter the basement, you need to sneak directly towards the room at the end towards the right side.

You need to lockpick that door as soon as it is secure. After that, you can enter it and find the Red Keycard on the table. Then, you will need to head back the way you came and make your way towards the vault next to complete the Dirty Ice Vault mission in Payday 3.

2. By escorting a Hostage/Fellow Hiester to the Manager’s Office

Now, you can do this mission solo or take a fellow heister to get smooth sailing on completing the Dirty Ice mission in Payday 3. If you go solo, you must take an employee hostage and approach the manager’s room.

Avoid the cameras because the security alarm will go off if you get detected. You will have to use the Employee hostage as a shield, too.

On the other hand, if you have a fellow Hiester, you must first disable the cameras by shooting at them. Ensure your pistols have silencers to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Then you must head towards the Manager’s room in Payday 3.

3. Press the Red Button and swipe the Red Card at the same time

This step is crucial in unlocking the Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3. To access the vault, you will need one person to push the red button. This button will be present on the Manager’s desk itself.

Following the above scenarios, if you have taken an employee hostage, you need to take that employee as a human shield by pressing the F key, and then you can bring him to the desk.

Then, you can press the Q key to shove him towards the red button. You can prompt the Employee to press that button for a few seconds.

At the same time, you need to rush towards the vault door and use the Red Keycard in Payday 3. This way, the door will unlock, and you can proceed by pressing the F key to open the Safe.

On the other hand, if you have a Hiester alongside you, instead of the hostage, you can use him. Now, he must go to the manager’s desk and wait for you to reach the vault door. After that, he will press the red button, and you must use the Red Keycard simultaneously to unlock the Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3. 

Another important thing to note here is that you can also unlock an achievement known as Smash and Grab for completing the mission to unlock the Dirty Ice Vault.

This can be achieved if you complete this specific mission within 120 seconds of spawning. If you are interested in getting this achievement done, taking a fellow heister with you is highly suggested.

What is inside the Dirty Ice Vault

After you successfully unlock the Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3, you can go inside the Vault to steal the jewelry. A Rare Stone rests in a goblet inside a mirror case.

You can grab that as it is valued at twice the price as an everyday jewelry bag and loot the rest of the normal riches lying inside the Dirt Ice Vault in Payday 3.

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