How To Create And Join A Party In Payday 3

If you want to enjoy Payday 3 with your friends, you must know how to create and join a party.

The best part about Payday 3 is that you can create and join your friends’ party as you plan to participate in a successful heist. To do that, you can invite your friend to join your lobby and then proceed to take on your missions and engage in co-op gameplay.

However, you may sometimes find creating and joining a party challenging due to an error in the early game. If you are a new player, worry not, as I will assist you in playing Payday 3 with your friends.

How to Create and Join a Payday 3 Party

In Payday 3, you will have the option to create both public and private lobbies. However, if you want to add your friends, you will make private ones primarily, but adding your friends in them may seem tedious.

Inviting Friends to Join Your Party

To create and join a party in Payday 3 with your friends, you can simply follow the following steps:

Step 1: Access the Social Tab in the Payday 3 menu by pressing the key O. Players using consoles (Xbox/ PS) can press the Menu Button on their controllers to see the tab on the left.

Step 2: Scroll the setting in this specific tab; this way, you can spot the Friend list on the bottom left side. Bring your cursor towards it and click on it to see the friend available.


You can pass on the player invites if you don’t have any. Once your friend accepts it, his name tag will be displayed in the Friend section in Payday 3.

Similarly, you can also check this tab to see if you have a pending friend invite. This way, you can also be added to your friend’s list.

Step 3: Once you see that your friend is online, you can click on the add symbol to invite him to join your party in Payday 3. This process can be done when you press the designated key, P. Similarly, if you are playing Payday 3 on your console (Xbox or PS), you can press the Right Stick to invite your friend.

On the other hand, if you want to add friends from other platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and Nebula, you can search for their User ID (Name).

Steam Users

However, for Steam users, you will have to add them as friends separately on your Steam account and then send them a request in the Steam inbox. This can also be done if you search for your friend’s username in the Steam Friends section of Payday 3. You can add your Steam Friends to your lobby or join their lobby in Payday 3.

Xbox Users

If you are playing Payday 3 on Xbox, you can find your friend on this similar platform. For that, you will need to look under the heading Xbox Friends. From there, inviting them to join your team will be easier.

Lastly, for players using the Nebula Platform, you must first access the social tab list. Then, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of this particular tab, and from there, you will have the option to add your friends to the party you just created in Payday 3.

How to Fix Payday 3’s “Party Not Working” Error

If you are getting the message “Party Not Working” in Payday 3, this issue is due to an error in the game itself. This issue, however, can be resolved by a few solutions:

1. You can try to invite your friends multiple times, and sometimes this trick might work, and you might successfully add them or join their party in Payday 3.

2. Check your internet connection and ensure a stable ping.

3. Try joining an empty lobby first instead of making a new one, and then message your friends to join it. This may work most of the time, and you may be able to fix the error.

4. If none of the solutions above are working, you can restart Payday 3 and try again to add your Friends.

Remember that the “Party Not Working” error is currently linked with the Payday 3 online servers. The game developers will indeed have it fixed any time soon.

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