Payday 3: Best Heists For XP

Farming XP to level up weapons is a frustrating grind in Payday 3.

You need to level up fast in Payday 3 to get the most XP, which gives you access to better weapons, tools, and skills to complete heists quicker and more efficiently.

If you are into character customizations then Infamy Level also raises the Account Level that will unlock more cosmetics to pick from.

With improved gear, you can make quick work of the heists and explore new and fun ways to approach heisting. You will be able to reform your kit with finer perks and equip it with the best weapons that Payday 3 has to offer.

There are many ways to farm XP in Payday 3 but here we will be focusing on the most efficient one of them all, heists. Let’s get into the best heists to farm for XP in Payday 3.

Best heists to farm XP in Payday 3

The best heists to farm XP in Payday 3 are the ones that can either be completed quickly or have a lot of enemies that you can kill.

The number of challenges, objectives, and difficulty of the heist will affect your XP earnings so we have listed the ones that will combine all the factors but deliver the best outcome for you.


We highly suggest completing these heists solo because the XP will be divided into teams, unlike the loot so you will receive half or a quarter of the rewards.

Dirty Ice or the Jewelry Store Heist is easily the best XP heist in Payday 3. If you sacrifice the loot in locked areas, you can actually complete the objectives and escape in under 5 minutes which will reward you with 924 XP.  

With lower difficulties, this number may vary but since you are focusing on completing the heist as fast as possible, the Overkill difficulty will not prove to be that much difficult for you.

You can complete Dirty Ice in Stealth or Loud, depending on what you prefer but we recommend Stealth for getting extra XP from completing the shorter objectives.

You can also use the maximum number of radio calls and tie up hostages before the alarm rings to obtain extra XP.

The map is small with a fairly simple layout so you will be able to learn your way in and out in no time and if you do go for all the loot, you will still be able to complete it in under 30 minutes. This is why it is also the best solo stealth heist to farm XP in Payday 3. It is also beginner-friendly for newcomers to Payday.

Road Rage

Road Rage is the second job you pick up when you start your career as a robber. Since Road Rage is only available in Loud, you can kill as many enemies as possible to get a little extra XP without worrying about breaking Stealth.

The heist takes on a bridge under construction where you will be transporting rare-earth metals to your escape chopper before you make your grand escape.

The heist itself is pretty simple and you can gain a lot of XP from killing elites in higher difficulties, especially taking out elites in Overkill.

The map is small and easy to learn, and you can farm a lot before you move on to your next run. This is why Road Rage is the best beginner heist and best solo heist for farming XP in Payday 3. It is also an efficient heist for farming cash, so we highly recommend it if you want the best of both worlds.

Rock the Cradle is one of the longer heists that take place in the Neon Arcade nightclub. Your job will be to grab the Crypto Wallet containing all the dirty money earned from the shady dealings that take place there.

You can earn more than 1k XP in under 5 minutes if you just grab the Crypto Wallet but you will have to do Rock the Cradle in Stealth in Overkill difficulty.

The map is pretty confusing with guards and cameras littering the place, so you will need to learn all the routes and guard patterns before you can get the timing down.

You will also need a proper Stealth build with good skill investments to make the runs so it is not the most accessible choice on the list.

However, once you get a hang of it, you will be able to quickly farm XP in Payday 3 and unlock those items you have been looking forward to.

The Gold and Sharke is a longer and more difficult heist to execute but it still has generous XP rewards, better than the other high-ranking heists.

You will be executing a classical bank robbery while looking for incriminating evidence against an old enemy who stabbed you in the back.

Since Gold and Sharke in Stealth is pretty long and demanding, we recommend executing the heist in Loud for faster and more efficient runs.

The heist does take around 20-35 minutes to complete if you are not focusing on the Money and will require you to have a higher expertise of the map. It is also the best heist for farming XP in Payday 3 if you are looking to do quick runs with a team.

No Rest For The Wicked is the first heist you will play in Payday 3 and though it does not have the highest XP returns, it is a good choice for absolute beginners.

On Overkill difficulty, you will encounter a lot of elites and snipers that you can take out for further returns. If you are looking to change things up or having trouble with other heists then No Rest for The Wicked Loud in Payday 3 is a good place to start.

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