Payday 3: Best Heists For Money

There are a few jobs that will pay you better for less effort in Payday 3.

The more money you have in Payday 3, the more you can invest in yourself to complete heists easier. Your hard-fought cash will be directly responsible for all your upgrades whether you are looking for skills to invest in or have your eye on some of the best weapons the game has to offer.

Money in Payday 3 is needed for purchasing and upgrading equipment and weapons, unlocking and enhancing all of your skills, and lastly for your character customizations.

Once your Infamy Level increases, you will be dealing with difficult jobs and stronger enemies so if you don’t want to lose all your earnings, you need to be prepared accordingly.

That is why, we have compiled a list of the best heists you can execute to earn quick cash in Payday 3.

Best heists to farm money in Payday 3

There are several factors that decide whether a particular heist is rewarding or not in Payday 3. We have picked our best money heists in Payday 3 based on the completion time required, cash obtained, and number of players needed.

Road Rage

Road Rage is the second heist that you will take in Payday 3. You will find yourself directly in the middle of the action with alarms blaring and your mask on.


Your goal will be to transport rare-earth metals and cash to the escape chopper while safeguarding yourself and your loot against the final assault.

Road Rage in Payday 3 has a small structured map with only Loud mode available for completion which makes it one of the easier heists to learn.

You will be getting the job done in about 10 to 15 minutes at max once you get the hang of things. For these 15 minutes, you can earn $200,000 to $500,000 on normal difficulties but the paycheck leaps up to $850,000 on a single Overkill run.

If you execute heists solo or assemble a crew for the job, it can be done fairly easily in both cases since there are no elaborate mechanics that you need to work through.

Having a short run time with a high payout, Road Rage is our top recommended heist for farming Money since it is the best heist for beginners and also a great option for solo runners in Payday 3.

Gold & Sharke is a typical bank heist where you will not only be robbing a bank but also finding dirt on an old foe that made the mistake of crossing you in the past.

The main objectives themselves don’t take that much time to complete but the problem is moving the loot since the escape vehicle is pretty problematic to get to.

It will take up to 30-45 minutes to complete this heist since it is on the longer side with a multi-layered map and multiple objectives.

There are two versions of Gold and Sharke in Payday 3: Stealth and Loud. We recommend completing Gold and Sharke in Loud because you will get the same rewards as Stealth but the heist will finish quicker.

Though it can be completed solo, it is a lot better with a crew since some coordination is required to complete the objectives.

On easier difficulties, you can get anywhere around $400,000 to $800,000 but Overkill will get you over $1.3 million if you get all the loot.

Since it is the fifth heist, it is not that accessible to beginners but we do recommend checking it out if you have it unlocked since it is one of the best heists to farm for a quick buck in Payday 3.

Rock the Cradle in Stealth is one of the best stealth heists to farm cash in our opinion. You will be robbing the Neon Arcade nightclub that stores all the profits from deals under the table in a Crypto Wallet.

We do not recommend completing Rock the Cradle in Loud because you will not be able to grab the Crypto Wallet, cutting your earnings in half.

With drugs and cash just lying around, you can make up to $600,000 on higher difficulties with anywhere between 30-45 minutes, depending on how well you know the map.

It is not the best solo heist in Payday 3, it is doable but since the loot is spread apart, having a crew will help cover corners quickly.

We recommend grabbing the Crypto Wallet, along with what little loot you find in your path for the best way to farm this heist.

This is because Crypto Wallet makes up $425,000 to $340,000 of the total rewards and once you get a hang of things, it can be done within a few minutes only.

Rock the Cradle is also an easy heist to complete solo in stealth for Payday 3. This is a good recommendation for players who want to farm money on their own.

99 Boxes in Payday 3 is a bit longer mission with a medium-sized map and a lot of security to watch out for. You will be getting sensitive pieces of technology for a contract job that can only survive in a controlled environment.

The pay is similar to Road Rage, around $300,000 to $600,000 depending on the difficulty. It is a good payout but can take around 30-40 minutes to complete twice that of Road Rage so will be getting your cash a little slower.

99 Boxes in Payday 3 is great with a crew and can be done in both Stealth and Loud, with Stealth needing a bit more skill and expertise.

The map is also more open and you will need to plan a quick and specific route for moving the technological parts due to their sensitive nature.

If you like planning and routing, the 99 Boxes heist is better for farming than the other options available in its category.

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