Payday 2 Watchdogs Heist Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

If you are looking to complete Payday 2 Watchdogs heist in Pro, stealth or overkill, this guide is for you.

This Hector guy in Payday 2 seems to enjoy heists involving drugs. This time around we’re going to be transporting some bags of cocaine from a place of nowhere, with the police shooting our backs, to Hector’s boat.

Depending on how things go on the first day, our transport to the boat will be either easy or very lengthy.

Payday 2 Watchdogs Heist Walkthrough

Let’s have a look at how you can approach the heist, starting with Day 1.

Day #1

Day 1 doesn’t start off in a calm manner, suggesting the rushed nature of this heist. You’re in your van and you’ve been ambushed by the police. For this reason, your crew will have to fight your way through the cops to a nearby warehouse, along with the bags of cocaine.

Having an Enforcer and Technician is vital in this heist, especially if the latter has some turrets up his/her sleeves. You will need to wait in the warehouse for several minutes before an extraction van can come to pick up the cocaine. You’ll need to throw in all the coke in that van.

The van can be located in three different places. It will either be near the stairwell to the right of the truck, to the back of the warehouse, or across the street, on the roof of a building to the left of the truck.


This area can be accessed through a stairwell located next to the street, or through the warehouse. A bridge must be crossed to reach the loot truck.

At this time Bain will also send out an extraction van for the crew. Now the problem is, if you can’t get to the vehicle quickly enough, the driver can get killed. This will have two results.

The first result is that you’ll have to wait some extra time fighting the cops (not a good thing on Overkill difficulty), after which Alex will come in his chopper to pick up you. The helicopter can be in two places; either it’ll be on the rooftop next to the bridge, closer to the courtyard, or by the stairwells of the first loot-truck area.

The second result is much more evident on Day 2. Note that if you are still carrying some bags of coke that you couldn’t get into the coke-extraction van, you’ll spawn with them Day 2, provided you are still ‘carrying’ them while being extracted.

This is obviously a good thing, so make sure you don’t drop the bags under any situation.

If the extraction van driver did survive and you managed to get in it, there is a small chance that the police may kill the driver while you are escaping. If this happens, you’ll have to look towards Alex.

Now, onto Day 2.

Day #2

The next day, you’re crew will be dropped off at the docks. Depending on whether you were extracted by the van or the helicopter, you’ll be either very close or fairly far away from the location of the boat.

If you escaped via the extraction van, then you’ll be dropped off much closer, next to the loot-truck with the bags you managed to extract on Day 1.

If you failed the van extraction and managed to escape via Alex’s chopper, then you’ll be dropped between docks 8 and 9, and will have to first make it to the loot-truck before you can get to the boat.

Regardless of where you drop off, the police will be on the look-out, and will attempt to get the cocaine bags. You have to reach the loot-truck and defend the cocaine. Once the cocaine is secured, you’ll have to turn on the nearby lighthouse’s search lights.

This will call-in the boat, which will arrive after 2-3 minutes. Have one or two guys do the lights, while the other defend the cocaine and fend off the cops.

Once the boat arrives, the crew will have to load the bags of cocaine on the boat. The dock at which the boat arrive depends on where the freighter is stationed. It will always be from dock 7 to 9. The boat will be in one of the two places where the freighter isn’t stationed.

The amount you can load at one time is limited by the amount of barrels on the back of the boat. If you wish to load more than eight bags, you’ll have to have a few of your guys hold back and defend the cocaine bags.

Once the bags have been loaded, Alex will come to pick you up. The helicopter will arrive in one of four locations. Either it will be on the warehouse balcony, or one of the three docks (7 to 9), depending on where the freighter spawned.

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