Payday 2 Ukrainian Job Heist Walkthrough Guide – Stealth and Assault

If have different strategies to tackle Payday 2 Ukranian Job Heist (stealth and assault).

If you’ve had good luck with the Jewelry heists in Payday 2, then you’ll probably be ready for the Ukranian Job. Some big-shot named Vlad wants revenge on a dude who ratted on him and sent him to prison.

He’s got you hired for the job, which involves running into the jewelry store and stealing a pricey tiara from one of the safes. You can read about the entire environment of the Jewelry store and its surroundings in our Jewelry Heist Guide.

Payday 2 Ukrainian Job Heist Walkthrough

The only real difference between the Ukranian Job and the normal Jewelry Heist is the population really. There will likely be more civilians around and inside the store, and many more cops patrolling the all-important allies located on both sides of the shop.

Your objective is to enter the shop and steal the tiara from one of the two safes located inside the two offices, which can be accessed through the windows of the store located in the allies.

There are two ways to go about this rather short heist.

The first one has a fifty-fifty chance of success, and is a speed run that’ll give you achievements. The second won’t give you any achievement, but it’s definitely a fool-proof method.


Method #1

For this method you want to have an Enforcer, Mastermind, and a Technician doing the dirty work.

Basically, the Technician should be responsible for planting the detonators on the safes (there’s no time to drill), while the Enforcer makes sure that no one gets close to the tech guy.

In this method, you just have to run into the Jewelry store, take control of things with the Mastermind, plant a bomb on one of the two safes, and detonate it. If the safe had the tiara, you’re in luck.

If it didn’t, restart the mission and try again (this is the fifty-fifty chance I was talking about). Return to the van while the Enforcer keeps everyone and everything in check. End of story.

This should take less than 40 seconds to complete.

Method #2

Method 2 is pretty fool-proof. You’ll need a team of Technician, Enforcer, Mastermind, and an additional dude to pick up the bags. This time you’re taking the allies instead with the Enforcer.

Basically, you have to go to both offices, and plant the bombs on both safes. Plant the bomb on one safe, and then without waiting for it to go off, plant another on the other safe.

Make sure that the Mastermind controls the civilians, and once the bombs are off, have the bag-carrier walk into the store and check on both safes.

The Technician should make it back to the van with the Enforcer, and once everything is in the clear, the Mastermind and bag-carrier can walkout without trouble. This would take round about a minute or so to complete.

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