Payday 2 Getting A Free Payday VR Mode Later This Year

Despite having been released 4 years ago, Overkill is continuing its promise of delivering updates for Payday 2, this time in the form of Payday VR.

Scheduled to release sometime this year, the Payday VR mode for Payday 2 will allow players to step into the shoes of the bank robbers in a more immersive way than before.

It is unclear which headsets will the Payday VR mode support but from the trailer, it is clear that at least the HTC Vive will work so most probably Overkill will add support for Oculus Rift as well as any upcoming VR headsets.

Having been constantly criticized for their paid DLCs, publisher Starbreeze announced during their livestream last night that Payday VR will be available for free to anyone who owns Payday 2.

Unlike numerous other VR games in the market, the VR mode for Payday 2 will not be a specific locked section but instead, the entire game will support VR. This means that players will be able to repeat the missions they currently play but in VR mode.

Judging from the trailer, the VR seems to perform well and is quite intuitive. How it works in actual gameplay remains to be seen. A beta for the VR update is planned for this year as well. Since the DLC will be a free update, fans of the Payday franchise can rest easy since they won’t have to shell out money for yet another DLC or a “complete edition” of the game similar to The Big Score version.

Ever since Starbreeze acquired Payday 2 from 505 Studios, the publisher has been keen on getting the public’s good will back. They seem to be more focused on delivering content and support Payday 2 for a long while instead of just pushing it aside and focusing on a new game in the franchise.

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