Payday 2 Equipment Guide – Ammo Bag, Doctor Bag, ECM, Sentry Gun and Trip Mine

Payday 2 has different useful equipment including that can be used strategically in different heists. How should you use this equipment?

In Payday 2, you play as a professional robber. And what is a professional robber’s best friend? Why, professional tools of course! In Payday 2 we have a total of 5 pieces of equipment that every crew should at least know about.

Each skill tree in the game has at least one unique piece of equipment, with the Technician tree giving you access to two. This guide will endeavor to teach you all about these vital pieces of equipment so you can conduct heists with minimal difficulty.

Ammo Bag
Obtained from the Enforcer Skill Tree, the ammo bag is a deployable item that will completely replenish the ammo supply for both primary and secondary weapons a limited number of times.
You can place the Ammo Bag by clicking the ‘G’ button.

Make sure to place it well, since you can’t move it afterwards. Any ally can walk up to it and interact with it to restore their ammunition.

Remember that the number of uses for each ammo bag is limited. This limit can be increased by spending skill points in the Enforcer skill tree. The Ammo Bag is especially useful in the early levels, when every single heist turns into a bloodbath because you lack the levels and the tools needed to get through a job cleanly.

Doctor Bag
The Doctor bag is the health version of the Ammo Bag. They are actually quite important as the Doctor bag is pretty much the only item in the game that can heal you, where as you can get ammo from dropped enemies.


You can get it by putting a point in the Mastermind skill tree, and there are some points in the skill tree that improves the Doctor Bag by giving it a larger number of uses and also allowing you to place two of them simultaneously.

You can drop a Doctor Bag by clicking and holding the ‘G’ key. Note that it heals your health, but not your armor, which regenerates naturally. Also, since it heals you to full instantly, only use it when you’re missing a lot of health.

ECM Jammer
The ECM Jammer is device that is obtained by investing a point in the Ghost Skill Tree. When placed, it can shut down all electronics in a radius around it for a limited amount of time.

The radius, duration and number of times you can use it can all be upgraded by investing more points into the Ghost Skill Tree. It can be attached to any surface, whether it is vertical or horizontal, and the pulse it releases goes through walls.

This means you can place a jammer on the outside wall of a security room to shut down the camera controls and such that are inside. Furthermore, the jammer can open keycard-locked doors, though it consumes the jammer to do so.

Sentry Gun
The sentry gun is an automated deployable turret. To obtain it you need to unlock it on tier three of the Technician skill tree. it will fire at any enemies in its range, but will not attack civilians. Keep in mind however, that is a civilian gets in it’s way while it’s targeting a guard, you may incur a penalty.

It has limited ammo and health, and cops will target it when they see it. As such you can’t just place it and assume enemies will no longer come from there. You can upgrade it’s stats by purchasing more points in the Technicians tree.

Remember that it’s not supposed to be a front line device. You can use it as a warning system, as you’ll know that if it gets destroyed you need to prepare for a gunfight, or you can use it as a fifth gun by placing it behind you.

Trip Mine
Another deployable that is accessible through the Technician tree, the trip mine is a device that emits a lase in the opposite direction from it. If the laser is broken at any point, the device detonates, dealing heavy damage in an area around it and usually killing anything.

Remember that you and your crew cannot set off the laser, so don’t worry about passing through.

You drop it by pressing and holding the ‘G’ key. Like the Sentry gun, the trip mine serves well as an early warning system. You can leave it at a doorway or corner and cover other points, safe in the knowledge that the mine’s explosion will alet you to any attack from the rear.

Initially, you can only place two trip mines per level. However, investing further in the Technician tree will allow you to increase the number of mines, the blast radius, and the damage. They can also be upgraded with a proximity sensor, which allows them to blow when enemies are near, rather than when they cross a laser.

Lastly, you can also upgrade them into ‘Shaped Charges’, or C4. These are easily capable of blowing open locked doors and safes very quickly.

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