Payday 2 Border Crossing Heist Guide

Payday 2 recently got a new paid DLC, Border Crossing, that takes place during the events of Hell’s Island as...

Payday 2 recently got a new paid DLC, Border Crossing, that takes place during the events of Hell’s Island as players try to steal from a cartel on both sides of the US/Mexico border. The DLC has two new heists and in this guide, we will talk about the Payday 2 Border Crossing Heist, the main on that’s part of the story.

Payday 2 Border Crossing Heist

As mentioned before, this is a paid DLC and the main heist of the update (Border Crystal being the smaller additional heist) and in typical Payday 2 fashion its divided into multiple smaller missions and objectives.

Locate the Tunnel
Before you proceed to the tunnel, you need to equip the following equipment as they will help you unlock your way to the tunnel:

  • Crowbar
  • Keycard1
  • Keycard 2
  • Blueprints

You will find them on the 1st floor of the Club Building in the briefing room. Crowbar and Keycard are on the table and the blueprints are in a locked up safe against the right wall of the table on which keycard is present. You can use your c4 to burst the safe open.

The second keycard is in one of the storage units outside the houses. The storage units can be opened using the earlier keycard and inside there, you will find the second keycard.

Now moving on towards Locating the Tunnel, there is a deep logical puzzle moving on the side by side with you, only if you focus! Solving the puzzle, you have to obtain the final code for crossing the border, hence the Border Crossing name of the heist. Here is how you will be encountering the codes:


‘Its in the shitter’
Seen OVERKILL written on any document? Yes, it is the same chart where you had found the first keycard. Go back there and you will find a code written in the red on it. If it is ‘its in the s.h.i.t.t.e.r’, head towards the washrooms area, written there on the door of a washroom.

‘First Arrest’
If the red text in the document says that the code has been changed to your first arrest. Now you have got to return to the briefing room and observe the arrest warrant document lying on the table. The date of the arrest is the code which is written in the bottom right of the page.

‘Reset to Factory Settings’
If the document says that the code has been reset to factory settings, it means that you need to find the code in the User Manual documents in the storehouse and the code is the factory code written on the right side of it.

‘Year Club House was Founded’
If the red text in the document says that the code is the year Club House was founded, then you to should go observe the banner over the main entrance in the pool room. The founding date is written in the bottom right on it.

So once you have looked for your code, and you have both of the keycards too, head towards the Tunnel Entrance and input the final code. Here your first objective will be completed which is to Locate the Tunnel (and get into it).

For the next part of the Border Crossing heist, you will automatically be spawned in Mexico. There are two hangars around and a plane will spawn in any of them. Your final objective is to escape in that plane after looting all the items of which you are ordered to heist by Locke.

First head towards the South Warehouse which consists of 3 Security Cages. The cages can be unlocked using your keycards or a C4.

There is also this North Warehouse where you need to go as there are 6 Security Cages in there. Unlock them using your keycards or the C4 and collect all the loot.

Once all the 9 cages are looted, head towards the hangar where the plane will have spawned. It will need refueling first. Either refuel it using the pump hose or find some jerry cans for it. Once done with the refueling, head towards the runway gates and open them, and then fly away and you will have completed the Payday 2 heist.

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