Payday 2 Big Oil Heist Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

One of the toughest heists in Payday 2 is the Big Oil Heist. It’s not the enemies or locations that make the heist difficult, it’s the amount of intricate details you have to look for that does.

The Big Oil Heist will have your team working multiple days to acquire a reactor, which you have to then carry off to a chopper or aircraft, while at the same time defending it.

As stated, this heist is split into two days. We’ll be heavily focusing on the second day, because it involves most of the investigation and action. But that doesn’t mean we’ll skip the first day totally.

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Payday 2 Big Oil Heist Walkthrough

Day #1

Day 1 will see you outside the headquarters of the Overkill gang. What’s tricky about this place is that it has plenty of cameras, and there is also a chance of mines being scattered around the house. Seems like the gang knows they’re in trouble.

You can tackle the situation in two ways: either be super-fast in your approach, getting in and out in no time at all, or be super-quiet, doing things neatly. Anything other than that will result in the gang members burning the intel, and we don’t want that, since it’ll make Day 2 all that harder.

The intel itself is located in a safe. Outside the house, take out anyone standing on the balcony, and have a couple of friends (don’t play this mission with AI!!) lock-pick the main door. Make sure you are aware of where the cameras are, and don’t be foolish enough to shoot them!

A Ghost team member with good lock-picking skills should be able to get the door open quickly. Once inside, take out the gang members quickly. Locate the intel and secure it. Now, it’s time for Day 2.

Day #2

Okay, this is where the real deal starts. For this entire Day 2 operation it’s highly recommended that you’re quiet and steady. The first thing to do is locate the server room. The server room can spawn in three different locations.

You need to stealthily search around. Once the server room is located, override the data, and open the lab door. Now, it’s time to signal the helicopter and do the hard stuff.

Basically, you have to go around identifying the correct engine reactor. This can be stupidly difficult if you don’t know where to look, and can result in multiple trips to the labs from the helicopter.

Basically, you have to search for clues scattered around the lab. Firstly, look around to find a whiteboard.

This board should tell you which gas will have what container color. Now, the problem is we don’t know which gas our engine’s container has. Look around for a clipboard that would have a gas’s name on it (I hope you know your basic chemistry).

Once you have found it (let’s say it’s Helium), go back to the whiteboard to check what the color of the container would be for Helium gas.

Now, search for another clipboard, which will have something like “3xH” written on it along with additional scribbling.

The “3” indicates the amount of cables going out of the container, while the H indicates Hydrogen or other substance. Hydrogen gas cans always have the color blue, so we have to look for a Hydrgon container with three cables.

Next, search around for a computer in the lab. On the top right corner you should be able to spot a four digit number. This is the pressure of the container. Basically, the pressure of the container should be less than or equal to the shown amount.

The only problem is that the pressure is shown in Psi unit on the computer, while the pressure gauges with the containers will display them in bars. I’m not going to teach you how to convert Psi to Bars, so just check it out on your phone’s unit convertor or Google.

Now, using all this information, search for the appropriate engine, and then have one of your boys carry it. Since it’s super-heavy, it’s highly recommended that a beefy Enforcer carries it, while the rest closely guard him, because things are about to get heated up.

Once you’ve thrown the bag into the chopper or aircraft, police will come swarming from all over, and there is nothing to circumvent that.

Prepare your arses for a fight. The moat region near the runway strip can be a good defensive spot. Once (and if) you get the verification that you brought the right engine, you can escape in your vehicle.

Don’t forget to share your strategies on how to pull off this heist by commenting below!

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