Payday 2 Big Bank Heist – How to Find and Hack Correct Computer

Payday 2’s Big Bank Heist is fun, but it also has a bit of a head-scratcher task that needs to be completed: you need to hack and access a specific Computer to proceed with the mission.

Problem is, there are quite a few computers, and none of them a different from the other if you barge into the offices and attempt a random hack.

Thankfully, there’s a technical and methodical way of approaching this tricky puzzle, and we have covered it right here for you.

For this, you’ll need good coordination with your teammates, as it requires a collaborative effort to find the right computer. It’ll work best if your team is communicating verbally.

Payday 2 Big Bank Heist

Here’s how to tackle this computer hacking puzzle, for all those who have been having troubles:

The Server Room
First and foremost you’ll need to find the Server Room. It’s hard to miss it if you’re thorough with your search, because it has a lot of monitor screens as soon as you open the door.


Clear out the area around the Server room, as your team will have to split up for the remaining bit. Try to get access to remote control from the server room’s computer, and you’ll fail the attempt. Once this happens, proceed to the next step.

The Offices
Okay, it’s time to split up. Have one of your teammates stay in the Server Room, while another one goes out on a search for the Offices. The Offices are located on the right side of the Bank, behind the tellers.

There is one office on the main floor and another on the floor above.

Again, make sure the entire region is clear in the offices, as you’ll have to wander around a lot, and this is best done when you are free from the constraints of necessary stealth and unnecessary killing.

Once your office teammate is in position, it’s time to coordinate with the guy in the server room.

Finding the Computer
Once both the players are in position, it’s time for the teammate in the Server Room to start repeatedly attempting the hack.

While the teammate in the Server Room is doing this, the one in the Offices will need to search thoroughly, checking the monitor of every computer there is in the offices for the a display of “Operation Failed” whenever an unsuccessful hack is attempted in the Server Room.

Once you manage to find the computer, you just have to hack it when it is displaying the message, which will allow you to successfully complete the task.

If you manage to get the right computer on the first try, you’ll acquire a new Mask and a Weapon Modification for the Falcon Rifle, along with a nice Achievement.

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