Pathfinder Rumored To Be Ubisoft’s New Hyper Scape-Like Battle Royale

Hyper Scape lasted only a couple of years as a free-to-play first-person battle royale shooter. The game will soon be shutting down its servers, presumably due to a lack of players. Whatever lessons were learned from Hyper Scape are now reportedly being used to develop another Hyper Scape-like battle royale shooter.

According to a report by Exputer earlier today, publisher Ubisoft is currently working on a new third-person battle royale shooter called Pathfinder that features a lot of graphical similarities with Hyper Scape.

Pathfinder however slightly differs in terms of gameplay. The game drops teams of four players into a map where they must make their way towards the center to fight an AI-controlled boss.

The map is designed to be a maze of sorts with a series of gates across both its outer and inner walls. These gates are randomized to be either breachable or locked in every match, tasking players to find the quickest way possible to the center of the map every single time.

Pathfinder features AI-controlled enemies as well that players can kill alongside other human players for experience gains or loot. These enemies will become noticeably more difficult as players navigate to the central ring of the map.

Pathfinder is said to be a hero shooter like Overwatch. Every character will have unique abilities or gadgets that can be used in combination to build various compositions in each squad.

The game, however, remains in early development, meaning that Ubisoft is going to take a while before making any announcements.

Hyper Scape on the other hand will be shutting down its online servers on April 28, 2022. “We will be taking key learnings from this game into future products,” Ubisoft said in an announcement earlier in the year.

There is no telling if Ubisoft will be exploring more of its Quartz ecosystem with Pathfinder by introducing more NFTs.

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